“Idiot Tax” ? – SEO Update 2012 (Bubble?)

by seoibiza on 4, August, 2012

“Idiot Tax” is perhaps a little harsh, however we’ll leave readers to make their own minds up about that by the end of the post.  Contrary to “popular” articles on the web, SEO in 2012 is not dead, any more than it has been in any previous years when these statements were made, however it is definitely changing and evolving fast.

Google’s new future looks to be one of fear and dread and blame and things like this becoming fair game in SERP warfare (business on the web) and we have to admit to wondering if the future for SEO may not be as quite as bright as it’s exponential ascendance into the mainstream has been thus far.

In fact we cant help wondering if we are nearing the top of the “SEO bubble” – many people had their rankings bubble burst this year because of subprime SEO activities..

But the future will bring what it brings, we cant worry about that, however in the present many people have suddenly found themselves the wrong side of Google’s (recently moved) goalposts and that is actually the reason for this post.

This last week, suddenly, and for the first time ever, we had several link removal request emails from comments, some of which were 4+ years old.  One was personal, from a site owner, and of course we did as he asked, however the other 2 requests were group mailouts, we assume from somebody (outsourced) working on “link cleanup” for these sites.

Now there are two separate issues here:

1)  the link from our site is almost certainly not your problem. all comments here are hand-moderated, and from real people, if the comment was not of high enough quality it would have been deleted.

2) how do we know that it is not a competitor requesting removal for their benefit?

Now it’s not like us in laidback Ibiza to get all preachy, however another two things spring to mind:

1) you were cutting corners before and got in Google-trouble with your linkbuilding work ..

2) you are still cutting corners by now employing monkeys to go around removing any and all links, including quite possibly some of your best ones.

this shows a high enough level of idiocy towards your business longetivity and prospects that we have decided you must  also pay our island’s idiot tax of €16.00 + IVA (VAT in Spain @ 21%) =  €19.36 per link.

As we expect this is possibly as much as 4x what these people have paid for the whole link removal service from Fiverr, it should at least stop them in their tracks and make them think. Failing that, not visiting the site in question, reading this post, or typing your own email also makes the tax payable anyway.

Unfortunately Spain has a huge financial black hole we all must throw money into, and you must also do your part.

If however you are serious about your business, don’t worry about the link here for a little while longer and go and get a professional forensic link report done before going any further. Luckily we have an old friend who has some sophisticated custom tools for digging right into what’s what, and will ensure you don’t go from having first shot yourself in the foot, to randomly beheading yourself.

So we would advise that you go here www.linkaudit.co.uk  - Whether you do this or not does not matter at all to us, only to you and your future chances with an already penalized or “unnatural links” warnings on your site.

If you tell them SEO Ibiza sent you, you wont get any discounts, (and we dont get anything either) but we did negotiate with him them that they would at least answer you fairly quickly, because they are absolutely inundated, as one might imagine.

Whether you do this or not also does not matter with regards to your link here, anybody who wants a link removed can of course have it, all they have to do is email us in person from an email address on the domain name in question, or make payable €19.36 to paypal@seoibiza.com with  ”Idiot tax” + link URL in the notes.

Adios amigos, SEO Ibiza are once again off to the beach.

PS:  links vouched for by Joost – the WordPress SEO overlord.

Seriously. ..and any others of you (with decent sites, none of your nonsense ;) ) from you-know-where, ask us in there and you can vouch for our links too.

SuperCarly SEO thinks they’re ok too.


Hitler’s SEO Content Strategy Gets Nuked

by seoibiza on 1, May, 2012

This will only make sense to SEOs, but it’s pretty funny. One imagines this scene must have been played out in 200 languages in boardrooms worldwide from April 24th onwards.

So, moving forwards, if, in light of Hitler’s revelations, anybody needs a good content writer, even though content is still not king we would like to recommend an online pal called Rob.

here is his website www.writing-resources.org

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SEO Update 2012

by seoibiza on 14, April, 2012

Ok so the results youve all been waiting for are in. After several slack-arse but fairly conclusive tests we can now announce:

It’s official, SEO in 2012 still works.

Links still work and exact match domains still work, EMDs better than ever in fact.

 ”SEO lives”

so enough whining and despondence, its all good, crack on.

As you were.


SEO (for) Rock Stars

by seoibiza on 17, December, 2011

Lots of SEOs think they are rock stars, but that’s not what were talking about here. It’s actually been quite a long time since we’ve felt the need to blog about SEO, and have been super-busy on lots of our own projects as always, but felt that this one was probably worth a mention.

We’ve stated before that Ibiza is an amazing place to live and work, and that had we stayed in London and been called “SEO Clapham”, (for example) that things might not have worked out quite the same, and this is a perfect example..  Back in August, the phone rang, and was answered:

“Hello, is that SEO Ibiza?”

- Yes indeed, how can we help?

“Hi, it’s Andy Taylor, I’ve been recommended to you by Ade (Ibiza blog) “

Well it’s got to be said that it’s not every day that one of your childhood heroes (Duran Duran) ring you up out of the blue..  only in Ibiza in fact. :)  So (bizarrely enough) it turns out Andy is already a bit of a WordPress expert, (arent all Rockstars? ) but was getting frustrated with the limitations of  Wordpress.com because he is working with a pioneering new system called Topspin which allows artists to market and sell their products directly to the customer, thereby cutting out the (broadly hated) middlemen (record companies)

But WordPress hosted systems don’t allow you to do what he wants to do, and so a few months and lots of design tweaking (by Ade) later we are (slightly surreally) happy to announce and soft launch:


Now we just have to get it past the other 38 million or so sites about Duran Duran.. :)

Watch this space..


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Ibiza Social Media Sites

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