Will Google Ban Microsoft for Selling links?

by seoibiza on 27, January, 2008

Ok, it’s a sensationalist headline, possibly even a little tongue in cheek, and maybe not strictly true, ..as we don’t know if MS took any money for these yet.. But, here’s a thought along the lines of the Google Business Partner Links story a couple of weeks ago reported in a few places and responded to by Matt Cutts himself..

www.conversionrater.com/google-selling-pr7-links-for-$ 10000

But if you didnt hear, or didn’t care, Microsoft announced a few weeks ago they were giving away free websites, domain, hosting, the lot, and they have a few samples of customers usage of their free website technology up on their site, with links to the sites, and some very amateur looking sites with a hefty PR5. A look through their link profile shows 5 links on Yahoo, the top 4 of which are shown here.

.So, when these customers take up MS’s kind offer, and start paying for their inclusion into MS PPC style adwords scheme as they’re bound to (and supposed to do, in Microsoft’s business plan we are sure) when the sites wont perform – apart from if you get the PR6 link of course..

..then presumably, these are then Microsoft Paid Links ?? and they’re not nofollowed.

Will Google then have to ban Microsoft, or turn down their Toolbar PR too? …anyway we’re off to sign up right now and see if we can get a quick PR 5 site out of it before all you lot work it out too :)

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