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by seoibiza on 11, March, 2008

On Sunday afternoon we decided to add some new pages specially written to capture a couple of unimportant but classy phrases, SEO Domination and Superior SEO. The next morning both pages had been indexed and the SEO+ Domination search was immediately ours, overnight the page appeared straight in at a strong looking #1.

See Here.

Of course it’s absolutely possible likely even, that it may drop for a bit, but we dont see it going very far (unless it gets randomly de-indexed again which has been happening a lot lately, dropped pages always come back in a day or two and resume their positions, but it’s a tad irritating) and we’re confident we’ll soon have the #1 spot until a better SEO manages to take it away again.

Our vision of superior SEO is based on understanding your keywords and the many variations therof, and then writing the best content you can to address the term, and intelligent linking to it from within your own site and externally.

Someone on a forum yesterday said that these terms are not hard fought over and were easy (lol yep ;) ) so we just wanted to talk a little more about the thought process behind targeting of new terms as we see it.

So lets look at the Superior + SEO search as this is still ongoing for the prize phrase itself, we are currently #2 for this only in 2 days of page launch.

however, because of the way we’ve constructed and linked the content we are all over the phrases + business / small business variations like a rash.. at the time of writing the positions are as below.

Superior Small Business SEO – #1 TRY SEARCH

Superior Small Business #2 (behind a P5 .edu site, may take a little while yet..)

Updated 18-06-2008 #1 TRY SEARCH

and this is a cheeky one :) ..we had it in mind, but with 900k pages didnt think it would be quite so swift..

Superior Business SEO – Google#1 at the time of posting. TRY SEARCH

Now whilst we do understand that not very many people search for these terms, we’re not doing it for traffic. We’re doing it to make a point, to demonstrate understanding of how to firstly surround, and then overpower your SERP competition.

..And because if people ask for our business cards whilst we’re out, if we dont have one we can tell them to just search on Google for “Superior Small Business” or “Superior Business SEO” (or indeed any one of a large and growing list of terms in fact) and they can’t miss us ;)

There are also other much higher profile variations on this theme we are still working on and will talk about as we approach taking them also.

The general idea is to present relevant and (hopefully) interesting pages gradually across all the multiword variations, and when youre stong enough in those, you also find that you’re also getting strong in the 2 word variations, and then eventually the bigger money phrases must surely follow.

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