Superior Small Business #1

by seoibiza on 2, April, 2008

Firstly we would like to make it clear that we are not talking about ourselves with all these posts or terms (necessarily :) ) although we are obviously trying very hard to fit into these categories in terms of service to our clients.

We are talking about the search terms themselves that we are targeting with our 5 month old website as an ongoing seo case study.

as you can see we took Google #1 – for Superior Small Business on Sunday night, and have been waiting to ensure its a stable result before adding it to the ever growing list..

If you look at the actual listings you’ll see it’s the blog post content feeding through the main domain to add in the “freshness factor” and further targeted content to the established strength of the main site.

We’ve been working hard on SEO Blog Integration and think we have it about right now. Small Business SEO …here we come… ;)

and while we’re at it we saw this one on the tracking software the other afternoon. Amazing, for a moment there Yahoo actually placed our humble blogger blog above Microsoft themselves and we were Yahoo’s most relevant answer #1 out of 173 million to ** microsoft free website ** wow.

We were never expecting that.. SEO Power of the Blog & blog integration for business  and SEO anyone?

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