Onwards & Upwards..

by seoibiza on 17, June, 2008

We’re back. :)

..Anyone who reads our ramblings would be aware that we believe that we possibly hit the Google -950 filter whilst “realigning” our site to focus on the big boys terms, such as: seo services, seo, …that kind of thing. …a little ambitious for a site that’s only just approaching 8 months old? ..well possibly, but well, ..bothered..

We were previously in a scenario where we were top 20 with **small business seo** and top 5 for **business seo** but that the addition of “services” to either phrase dropped the ranking to 50′s and 60′s, so obviously we needed to beef up the “+ services” performance of the site. We also had a scenario where the main domain was showing instead of the page we intended to in that search.

The first changes were implemented on 10th May here seo case study update. It was too “aggressive” and we “broke it” reported here seo experiments – changing index.html

Since then we have stepped back some of the navigation changes in 2 stages, and added a deeper structure with more “on theme” content. We also had a couple of good links come live from partner deals and within 2 weeks it started to slowly rise.

If it was indeed a filter, we can surmise that:

  1. if you reverse the offending changes, it will lift pretty quickly
  2. the release is dampened, & it will slowly float upwards from -950 position
  3. more good “on theme” links won’t hurt your positioning

We watched the phrase ** seo services ** slowly creep up through the #800′s, #700′s then it jumped from #700 -#300′s where it loitered for a week or so, and then yesterday..

..either the filter lifted completely or the new links came online properly (after dampening delay of approx 4 weeks) and the recovery is looking both strong, as in back to where we were before, (and better in a lot of places) and successful in the realignment, in that we are now showing stronger in the +services searches, than in the phrase without the “services” :)

We are just outside the 100′s on both ** seo ** and ** seo services **

So despite possibly hitting the “naughty” filters quite hard, we seem to have achieved our intended aims in just under 4 weeks, including original changes and 2 sets of “winding back” adjustments.

Apologies that the conclusions arent more scientific, but well, we’re a kind of a “seat of the pants” seo team, we may not understand exactly how the Google plane works, but we seem to be managing to pilot it fairly well anyway, check the full extent of the bounceback in the PDF link, its enough to bring a tear to an seo warrior’s eye ;) seoibiza1806.pdf

We’re now fairly confident we know what you can do, and more importantly what you can’t, and how to sidestep or swerve the Google 950 curveball..

…or whatever it actually was that caused this..

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DeadFly 18, June, 2008 at 2:57 pm

I had similar problems – I decided to change the title tags, keeping only one term SEO – and I have now suffered for the last month. From what I can see though the addition of some good links has started to bring us up for the new terms – but as you know it takes a while.

seoibiza 18, June, 2008 at 3:58 pm

hola Ireland :)

titles changes do cause dips, but we find they usually come back after a few weeks unless you have changed the theme too heavily from the page content.

funnily enough not a single title was touched in the harming of our site, it was all about link weight and anchor text, on already “google sensitive” phrases.

and nice site and blog, will be over and say hi at some point.

good luck with the recovery.

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