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by seoibiza on 9, July, 2008

Video and SEO for video has been one of the SEO buzzwords for some time now, but we tend not to jump straight on the latest trends, just because everyone else is doing so, we always prefer to have some valid reason for doing it whenever possible…

Well now we do, we’re teaming up with what we believe is a great site, belonging to a thoroughly nice guy, that has everything going for it, except the kind of results it deserves.

This is hopefully win / win for both of us for several reasons.

  • It gives us the chance to get truly stuck into the modern world of Google universal search and start really getting our heads around the do’s, don’ts and the amazing potential of SEO for video, without having to go down the (often very dull) SEO blogging route that so few can make work well..
  • It gives us new friends in Amsterdam (our second favourite place after Ibiza,  indeed if they had the required weather and beaches, we may have actually moved there instead ;) )
  • It gives them the chance to start really maximising the potential of their site (which I’ll get to in a minute)
  • It hopefully gives our budding “fittest seo assistant in the world” the opportunity to get the training she needs to become the truly awesome linkbait we need, to propel us from around the #100 +/- 10 mark currently, into the Google Top 10 for SEO & SEO Services by our one year old aniversary on November 18th 2008..

Optimistic? well, yes, impossible? absolutely not…  ;)

This site has a lot going for it, firstly, if “Content is truly King” as so many would have us believe, then this site is the as-yet uncrowned Emperor of Dance Music Video sites. It is run by one of the coolest Americans we’ve ever met.

It should be clearly stated here for the record that our general “anti American vibes” do not apply to US expats who have seen the light, shed their robes of oppression and “done one” from the homeland to find a better place to live, and in particular the (ex) Americans who make it to either Ibiza or Amsterdam and stay there, are appointed honoury European status in our eyes. They generally hate the US’ warmongering as much if not more than the rest of us and the world do, and that makes them just fine in our eyes..

The site is also old, well old in web terms at 7 years,  being launched in 2001, and it is chock full of 100% ORIGINAL video content.

And when we say “original” we mean it, in that the guys go out with cameras, they go to the world’s best clubs, plug into the decks, record the world’s best DJs sets, playing live, and film them, and the crowds, in the clubs.

So if you are into Clubbing & Dance Music, well, it doesnt get much better than that, does it?seriously this is the online music site for you.

The site is

And they’re not some lame corporate brand trying to skank you out of as much of your money as possible, they are genuine dance music fans, Will Johnston who owns and runs the site is a resident DJ at Bora Bora Ibiza and has poured his heart, soul and life savings into this over the years, because he loves it.

This is exactly the type of organisation we want to work with and are going to do everything we can for them on this, for gratis, just because we thoroughly support him & his cause of the little guy over the Global Corporate (read sold-out) brands that dominate the dance music business online.

For far too long now, there has been, and continues to be, far too much “Business” in the dance music business for our liking.. watch this space.

Edit 21-12-08 – latest on this here:  Dance Music TVDance Trippin’s new blog

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Dance Music TV -’s New Blog
20, December, 2008 at 10:24 pm

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Mike 14, July, 2008 at 3:57 pm

Entertaining blog, cheers very much.

However I feel I should point out Will’s last name is spelled Johnston, which is probably rather important when it comes to SEO.


seoibiza 14, July, 2008 at 4:07 pm

Hi Mike, ah yes, .. thats not very good is it? corrected thanks.

& glad were entertaining somebody :)

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