Google Upgrade Keyword Research Tool

by seoibiza on 11, July, 2008

We interrupt this program to bring you big SEO news.  Google have fired a shot across the bows of Wordtracker and the other keyword tracking tools by finally introducing the real search traffic figures to their external keyword research tool here:


Previously the tool only showed little bar graph representations of the search traffic and didnt really tell you very much, although the advertising competition data did always give a reasonable idea of advertising competition and hence how profitable the area promised to be.

We had wondered for a while how long until this happened, and indeed with all the data Google gather, why they hadn’t done this earlier.Maybe they felt sorry for the little guy… :)

We expect the owners of Wordtracker, Wordze and the many smaller firms doing this are crying into their coco tonight.

Update 14.07.08 – we can”t help that chuckle that for a variety of keywords beginning with “Google upgrade” we’re also the Google authority on this topic..

Oh the responsibility.. ;)


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chris 16, December, 2008 at 7:20 pm

the search volume seems to include “searches” from adword pages, ie the results are inflated about 50%
theres a post about this.. somewhere

G Web 14, March, 2009 at 10:52 pm

With the Google Keyword Tool, I often search and there are 1000′s of results displayed in the Approx Avg Search Volume column yet the data from the previous month is “Insufficient Data”.

This does not make logical senses to me as how can there be no search volume (Insufficient data) during previous months if there are 1000′s on an average month.

Do you know why.

seoibiza 15, March, 2009 at 9:14 am

Hi G Web – nice site guys, very nice :) as for Google’s randomness no idea sorry.

I suppose we just assume that its seasonal / regional variations at work and still usually always crosscheck with other tools like wordtracker free before making and decisions based on the information.

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