Google Upgrade Keyword Research Tool

by seoibiza on 11, July, 2008

We interrupt this program to bring you big SEO news.  Google have fired a shot across the bows of Wordtracker and the other keyword tracking tools by finally introducing the real search traffic figures to their external keyword research tool here:


Previously the tool only showed little bar graph representations of the search traffic and didnt really tell you very much, although the advertising competition data did always give a reasonable idea of advertising competition and hence how profitable the area promised to be.

We had wondered for a while how long until this happened, and indeed with all the data Google gather, why they hadn’t done this earlier.Maybe they felt sorry for the little guy… :)

We expect the owners of Wordtracker, Wordze and the many smaller firms doing this are crying into their coco tonight.

Update 14.07.08 – we can”t help that chuckle that for a variety of keywords beginning with “Google upgrade” we’re also the Google authority on this topic..

Oh the responsibility.. ;)


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