Ibiza Best SEO Blog Awards 2008

by seoibiza on 27, July, 2008

We obviously get around the net quite a bit and see a lot of blogs, and although there are some really good ones out there the sad fact is that so few truly have anything very different, unusual or really unique to say.

We’ve listed most of the more conventional ones including Google’s own ones that we go to regularly on our main site, here  SEO Resources but feel there’s several more slightly less conventional ones and some more recent discoveries (to us anyway) that deserve a mention, and as we generally have trouble taking life seriously enough to come up with anything vaguely educational, we feel it is at the very least our duty to point out where you can find the really good stuff out there.

We are well aware that there are thousands more out there, and that taste is a highly personal and subjective thing, and obviously omission from our list doesn’t mean anything other than they’re not our favourites…

So, disclaimers out of the way, without further ado, it’s on with the 1st annual

Ibiza Best SEO Blog Awards – 2008.

These are this years 5 winners,  selected for the quality and / or entertainment value, and all of them, for the high quality of the SEO information within.

1) Chicago SEO firm SEO Design Solutions. We’ve said it before and will say it again, from beginner thro to advanced, everybody will learn something new there or get a new way of looking at something.

The ease with which Jeffrey can explain advanced concepts in a simple seo style always blows us away,  his workrate is phenomenal, with highest quality posts often daily.

The latest post on there which sums this up very well is this one with regards to the latest Google upgrade on their keyword tool. Whilst we were messing around musing about the imminent demise of the Wordtrackers, Wordzes and Trellians of this world, wondering mainly how high and how long we could rank for the phrase we picked, Jeffrey’s knocking out a masterclass on what to do with the new information, and how exactly to do it, complete with pictures.

Awesome. check it:  how-to-use-google-adwords-keyword-tool-for-gap-analysis/

..Second up, well, the next 4 are all joint 2nd’s, – they’re our awards we can do what we like..  :) )

..we’re relative newcomers to this one and loving it.

2) Courtney Tuttles Internet Marketing School

While we’re mainly been playing around sniping at silly things for laughs, Court wrote the bible for keyword sniping (1st & 2nd Testaments) back in Dec 07, and currently ranks a whopping position #3 for internet marketing “<– Try search

A good read there leaves you in no doubt why, and what to do about joining him if making money online is your thing, and check this for a cool list of dofollow blogs

2) SEO Scientist.  and he really is. Everyone who is anyone in the SEO world sits up and pays attention to his experiments when published, as is evident from his comments discussions.

He doesnt post as often as we would like but then he is actually a real scientist, a proper bacteria-cloning white-coat style scientist  so he’s pretty busy as with real Science  so we’ll settle for him bringing his scientific analysis & skills to the table whenever he is able. His post back in Feb of this year, natural link-building is a must-see.

The next two are for those who like to think a little more “out of the [white] box”

..Whilst we don’t practice or advise blackhat tactics ever, we do acknowledge it’s existence and in some cases it’s effectiveness and we have also always understood that knowledge = power.

Knowing what they are doing, even if not understanding how, can only give you an edge over other white hat SEOs who don’t know what goes on, even if it’s just in defending yourself from spam or hacking attacks better. Our next choice..

2) BlueHat SEO tells a tale about the white / black conflict: whitehat vs blackhat

He also has some good tools on the site, and clearly knows his stuff, he also doesn’t post so much any more which is a shame,  but buried in all the archives is all sorts of inspiration and new ways of thinking about things that are mostly just as applicable to those staying on the white side of Google’s law as those on the dark side.

2) Slightly shady SEO. you gotta love Shady, ignore the new strapline emblazoned across the top by his name, and dig in and learn.

Although we can’t approve (nor understand a lot of it, truth be told) ..not coming from a coding background we’re in awe of his ability to just bosh a script up to do stuff that takes anyone else (us anyway) hours or days.

He also wrote an excellent post on Why White hat SEOs need to know Black hat and you have to admire his all round abilities, technical, lateral thinking and writing, and he’s a funny chap too, which above all else is what keeps us coming back anywhere.

And its far from all being automated script bashing, they guy really knows his onions, check this post on buyer motivation, he has a long very successful career ahead of him we are sure.

Guys, Ibiza salutes you all, hasta luego amigos.

SEO on the beach team over and out.  ;)

afterthought, our list of our favourite best free seo tools is here.

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Michelle Tukachinsky 27, July, 2008 at 2:53 am

Thanks so much for this list.. I will check out these blogs. I am relatively new to the SEO community, but learn something new everyday.
Thanks again. :)

Search Engine Optimization 28, July, 2008 at 10:23 am

What a good post.
Thank you because of your great blog.

sugitha 29, July, 2008 at 8:40 am

your blog having good information , some people are post some unwanted messages in their blogs only for the purpose of getting traffic , keep posting these kind of valid information.

Jeffrey Smith 1, August, 2008 at 7:44 pm

You guys are the best, I have never won anything like this before. I will cherish it. All I can say is, I am glad someone noticed as I was about to pull the plug on client work, blogging and focus on personal projects (authority sites) with the do don’t tell mentality.

Although the topics have been watered down a bit, (since I am busy working 13 hours a day average) and don’t have the same amount of time to commit to blogging, you should look into the archives for a few gems. When time permits, I will try to drop at least one heavy post per week and then deep link to some of the other stuff to keep the new visitors happy.

Thanks Kev and the gang, you made my day and my week!

seoibiza 1, August, 2008 at 8:25 pm

Jeffrey you are so very welcome. we consider it an honour that you would drop by here and bother to respond, but then on top of all that above you’re a nice guy too, so its no surprise..

re your archives mate we are well aware of their value, and just trying to help out others by pointing this out.

however so much of the SEO world is either just clueless these days or think they know it all anyway, that there’s only so much you can do..

you can lead a horse to water… ;)

we would greatly lament the passing of your blog but totally understand the decision.

one small correction to your comment however though, we are not the best, you are, you have the award to prove it. ;)

respect Amigo.

Mike 6, October, 2008 at 6:08 pm

It is always good to get different ideas and viewpoints of SEO. This is why reading these types of blogs and forums are so important. Not only are the articles important, but the comments are even more important. I will make sure to check out these lists, thanks!

Optimize 28, November, 2008 at 5:56 pm

Great list thanks for sharing lots to read and learn

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