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by seoibiza on 20, September, 2008

Anyone who has been to our site before will probably know that in amongst all our ramblings and silliness, we set ourselves some fairly ambitious targets with the site launch just over ten months ago.

The site is themed as an SEO Demonstration, and along with all the bluster about various uncompetitive but “trophy” terms our ultimate goal was always to demonstrate a top 10 appearance for “SEO” on within the one year point.

Ambitious?  Yes, definitely. Possible? ..We think so. Likely? Only Google knows.

We are not really too interested in generating extra work from it, (its impossible to get much busier) we’re just doing it, because, like the people driven to climb Mount Everest, we think we probably can.

With the site launched on 18-11-07 , the day before yesterday was officially the 10 month point, and coincidentally was the point it seemed to stabilise at the #50 mark for SEO on  ..try Google SEO search

Update 23-09 – bouncing again, #74 today.

The constant everflux means we’ve seen it at anywhere between #38 and #75 over the last month but it’s “base” position as mentioned in a post a little while ago here: google flux – more googlewatching seems to have stabilised (briefly anyway) and as you can see from this morning’s Google Webmaster Tools screenshot, it could happen yet.


With heavy client workload (obviously) having to take preference we aren’t spending nearly as much time as we would like to on this, but have attempted to very carefully craft the site into a “balanced” the position across our main keywords, which you can start to see in action (to the left) now.

We’ve positioned most of the smaller sub terms we want in the top 10, and can now finally focus on the prime terms SEO and Ibiza, and just let the rising REAL Pagerank throughout the whole site from any new links do all the rest of the work on the sub terms and carry us all the way home.

And as SEO Ibiza is both our name, and  our main keywords now, we don’t need to concern ourselves with getting anchor text links anymore, our name is now also our ideal anchor text for the final push on the home straights.

We would of course be very grateful for any help with links for our mission, but with the notable exception of SEO Design Solutions (#19 for “SEO” this morning coincidentally – go on the Chicago boys!!) linking to us without being asked, we have managed this pretty much under our own steam thus far, and expect to finish much the same way..

We still have a couple of secret weapons in planning, but time is getting short now and as they are viral in nature they may well not be too much help before the one year point, so it’s press on as normal as well.

hopefully be seeing you all at the top some point soon ;)

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