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by seoibiza on 13, February, 2009

Ok randomly yesterday we started picking up several hits for SEO experiments all of a sudden and a quick look showed that we seem to have moved into a fairly stable looking #1 cross index and, this usually shows a measure of dominance for the phrase  :) ..for the moment at least.

Funny though this is, it’s also potentially a bit awkward as we think the page is basically there as a result of some fairly experimental (complex, advanced or deluded, take your pick) seo design pagerank flow experiments around the site quite some time ago, and not by virtue of it’s content being king.

In fact it doesn’t really have any content to speak of as we removed and neutralized it a while back when everything went south after we tweaked things a bit too far..  :) whoops.

It is basically a highly optimized HTML “framework” with a few words on it around the subject, and we think is a proving to be a good demonstration that liberal use of the internal nofollow for attempted sculpting doesn’t hurt you if done right (yet anyway)

There are also plenty of much higher quality content sites on this topic, and we are also 3rd or below in the allinanchor: , allintitle: and allinurl: searches for the phrase too..

hmmm… :)

This page (along with quite a few others, on the site, some experimental, and some not at all, i.e. static content as a “control group” of sorts) has also been alternating between PR4 and greyed out for quite some time, and not ever been above top 3 for seo experiments in the last 6 months.

Of course we cant ever know the exact reason that we suddenly tipped the relevance calculations with a page we stopped playing with many months ago, but we’re pretty sure any number of things we’ve done in the site design in combination, all maturing aren’t actually hurting the cause, especially as the other two similar pages are at #2 and #3 for their testing phrases also.

But as we don’t use  the SEO scientific approach at all, nor actually discuss in any real detail what we’re actually doing either, our experiments don’t really mean much (anything) to the SEO community at large (and especially the scientific ones) and of course are thus largely ignored, but as testing grounds for us (which is what it’s actually for, not SEO blogger fame)  it’s proven invaluable, and as you can likely see if you check out the rankings for other recent experimental pages, rank higher and simple seo, we think we have learnt a thing or two about this lately.

So we will give you one clue now, our best SEO techniques often involve operational tactics rather than site design, i.e. content creation of “relevance nodes”, (such as in this blog post) tying to together various keyword themes to strengthen all of them at the same time.  (but you do have to have your site setup and configured properly for this to work well)

It should also be noted that our own site is concerned far more with the mechanics of ranking than traffic, subscriptions or readers, we don’t do social media or much promotion at all, targeted organic google traffic is all we care about here, people can find and read it or not..

So let’s just finish up by saying that if we were in the business of selling eBooks, the first one would be just about ready to write right about now.

But as we’re not you’ll just have to contact us one way or another to find out ;)

ps.. it’s also doing this..  :) whoops again…

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