Google read our Blog for news of Vince :)

by seoibiza on 13, March, 2009

Do Google ever come and read your blog?  ..They do ours..

..Hi Google!!  :)

Thanks to the wonderful world of Woopra we can see that we had 2 hits from someone at Google searching for “Vince Google update” for which we’re top 5.

(screenshots – click to enlarge)

Heh, that is mildly amusing, Google employees searching for information on their own algo update, on their own search engine, and getting presented with our news about it.. :)

A quick search of the IP address shows a slightly ominous note on Webmaster world from someone who’s been visited by them before on this IP whose site vanished from the index shortly afterwards..

hmmm.. however their visit looked like some kind of bot or automated tools, whereas ours was a good old fashioned Google search, for which we were #4 at the time..

If we should suddenly vanish into thin air, we’ll mail you all..  ;)

Ibiza out.

Update 14-03-09 another visit, 31mins and three posts  this time..  ..and direct hits, i.e. not from the SERP  ..wonder if they’ve subscribed? :)

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