UK SEO – GEO Targetting in Webmaster Tools Experiment

by seoibiza on 14, March, 2009

Three months and 3 days ago on Dec 11th, purely as an experiment to watch the results, we set the Geo targetting inside Google Webmaster tools to “UK

As documented here, almost immediately there were changes, and quite quickly we started getting hits from “Pages from the UK” on, and in some very strong positions sometimes.

Looking at the SERP this weekend compared to when we started, there’s almost complete parity with the results now in big areas of keywords, and major movement on the UK mostly aligning extremely closely to the .com results and even ranking higher in places

Interestingly there doesn’t seem to have been any significant drops on yet either :)

Whether there’s an element of the weekend index at play in these results, or we’ll see equivalent falls on .com over the next few months remains unknown, but if things stay as they are today, we’re laughing.

So to recap, our site is a .com, hosted in the US, and now ranks pretty much the same, if not better in the UK as the US, just 3 months after changing the settings in WMT.

In that time we havent done any significant work to anything, beyond publishing our nonsense on here occcasionally, the main site content has been static for some months now, and there have been no significant new links from the UK that we know of, or have seen.

So from this test we’d have to say the WMT Geo targeting isnt at all bad.

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Phil 3, June, 2009 at 8:30 pm

excellent trick – I’ve tried it and hope it gives me a boost

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