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by seoibiza on 19, April, 2009

So a general round up post which we don’t do often enough really.

Firstly last night’s SEO for WordPress serp assault announced here WordPress SEO secrets has started strongly with both the blog post and the static page indexed, and ranking already for the easier terms, and considerably higher in the pages from the UK option, see below.

The blog post has even claimed a #1 on “pages from the UK” which is interesting, all the other results (green) are from the static page launched just last night from the blog post here.

So it would seem we can launch a blog post to the top of Google page 2 in amongst many SEO affiliates selling the ebook of the same name -WordPress seo secrets -have a link (although we have no idea if your ebook is any good or not ;) ) and onto the front page for “advanced wordpress seo” in 12 hours with a static page.

That would suggest a measure of authority around those keywords, but apparently not,  it would seem around brand new keywords, as our Sulumits Retsambew test shot has shown.

It’s appeared at a disappointing  #120′s, and stayed there, which just goes to show how far ahead the field is already, against what we have simultaneously proven to be a domain with a certain amount of launch clout.

We’re also nearly on the first page as we speak for just “numpty” <<- try search – so we clearly do have “authority” enough around that word.  What a numpty though.. ;)

So it’s looking like authority is possibly keyword specific <<-as covered in this post, to us, which is only logical, because rankings definitely are :) ..and that a lot of SEO’s all trying really hard, to rank for a brand new word (Sulumits Retsambew is “Webmaster Stimulus” backwards) is considerably harder than launching first page around the lower level WordPress SEO searches.

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