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by seoibiza on 26, April, 2009

Right it’s all been a bit serious round here for a few days now, so were taking a break from giving away our competitve edge for the moment and get back to normal form..

Firstly one of our favourite Google games is firing testshots into SERPs mainly for amusement value,  (we’re actually mainly just trying to make ourselves laugh here, anyone else enjoying it is a bonus) and its something we do for work too as discussed in the WordPress series, so the latest SEO competition Sulumits retsambew was worth a punt at , even though we were a month  late onto it.

..a bit too full of ourselves in this instance.

Up until now, it’s been a pretty poor show, in about #100-120 and more or less stayed there. We generally rank ok for the stuff we go after, but not in this instance.

So there we were thinking  “well, just goes to show, domain authority either isn’t’ all it’s cracked up to be against so many SEO’s all trying really hard, or maybe we just don’t actually have any domain authority after all..”

…When our Aussie pal (Sweetfunny from DP -last seen here lastnight) over at Taree Internet only goes and launches one from the halfway line one into 4th PLACE!! – Bwahahahahahaha !!

….GO ON SON!! :)

- so now we look again and he’s only gone and risen to SECOND PLACE!! and it’s a bloody forum post too!  not even a blog? lol, all hail Forum power.

So in the team spirit (and because we have no hope without getting into link aquisition on it) we’re now skulking off in disgrace and fully endorsing the Aussie  SEO Overlord’s entry.

Sulumits Retsambew is webmaster stimulus backwards did you know?

Other news.. we were kind of hoping this might happen ;)

superior wordpress seo

and can of course always console ourselves with this

superior sulumits retsambew

However even though we actually rank for it we’re off to comment over on his forum with the right words because clearly this title belongs to Aussie SEO power and a little Ibiza linklove can’t hurt.

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