Nofollow – Are you taking it off?

by seoibiza on 26, July, 2009

We stumbled across a poll yesterday run by Search Engine Roundtable regarding removal of nofollow from websites by webmasters, ie after Matt Cutts statement about pagerank sculpting with nofollow that rocked the SEO world a little while ago, what are people doing about removing it from their sites?

The results might be a little surprising to some..

There are others however who are adamant that it still works just the same as it always did, (having run tests since MCs announcement) and many more that aren’t so sure MC is telling the whole truth, and lots who have successful heavily sculpted sites they are nervous about changing, and frankly we are not surprised.

The poll clearly shows a lot of hesitance to rush straight out and change everything, and we think that’s a good thing, if youve got a site that’s working well, leave it alone.

Other Google news, there have now been further spottings of the Triple indented listing as first seen by us at the end of March 09 and mentioned on WMW here so it looks as though that wasnt purely experimental and has now gone away..?

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