The Truth about Twitter?

by seoibiza on 5, August, 2009

You know what? we dont really get Twitter.

Don’t misunderstand this, we do use it, and we can waste as much time on there as the next twit, and do occasionally even find value in the odd blog post link we may not have found otherwise, but ultimately for us, mostly it is just that, a waste of precious time.

Maybe we are just not “Look at Me!” enough to announce every time we sneeze, fart or blog to the interwebz at large, and when some of our stuff has been picked up and re-twitted, the resulting twit-traffic is generally (about 99%) social media hit and run style anyway, no use to anybody, so really, why bother?

We’ll go on record here as saying although amusing for a bit, we think Twitter will be gone as fast as it came,  that’s it’s a fad without a decent monetization or gameplan , and it’ll be an ex-fad soon enough.

It’s always been a bit of a mystery how something that basically began life as just Facebook status updates could get so huge anyway, and the vast majority of it now seems to just be a spamfest of gargantuan proportions, so on happening across this picture below from Gizmodo’s piece “if twitter were only 100 people” we couldn’t help chuckling a little.

We know of brand new SEO companies with 14k followers and a similar number they are following (surprise surprise auto spam follow anyone?) who spam the living daylights out of it,  but really, how much notice do you think anyone with 14k followers takes of them and vice versa?

This article says it all really “why I stopped using Twitter” – we think that time will  ultimately prove it to be as misguided as “Myspace marketing” .. remember that:)

Most of the “old school” Pro SEOs we know all think the same kind of thing about it, and although a few are dabbling it’s mainly like us, to see what all the hype is about, watch what a few mates are up to, and most ultimately come to the same conclusion.

It’s a highly addictive waste of good working / non-working time.

Lots of people think the same (sorry about the Fox News link btw)

Many Twits would likely saywell that’s just because you don’t know how to use it properly.. type arguments, and if by that they mean we are not spam-botting and spam-following everything that moves, well then yes, they’re right, we don’t know, and we don’t want to know.

We’re pretty confident that some (exceedingly few) Social Media specialists know what they’re doing and make good use of it, but the vast majority are not, and will not ever get anything tangible out of it before they abandon in droves for the next fad.

One of our clients is adamant they are finding value communicating within their industry vertical, and that’s all well and good, but the main question always has to be:

ROI – has it added anything to the bottom line?

And the answer as with virtually all social media, seems to be:

Not in any quantifiable or trackable way.

Whereas their organic SE traffic is continually growing and converting at ever better rates due to the SEO” work we’ve been engaged in for the last year, ie onsite SEO tuning and their own conversion optimisation work they’re undertaking, we can all see the results in Analytics and we can see the results on the bottom line.

Twitter just takes up time we could all be spending on proper SEO work.

We wouldn’t deny that it may come in handy for the odd bout of social turmoil or revolution from time to time, but it’s difficult to see how the owners of Twitter think they can make $1.54 billion from it..

They seems to be a bit caught up in their own Twitty hype to us, we shall see..

So you can take it as read we wont be twitting this, or any of our own posts, and any /all offended Twits, hatemail in the comments please..  ;)

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