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by seoibiza on 12, August, 2009

If you’ve ever read any of our sporadic nonsense here you will know that for a while we were amusing ourselves taking and holding a variety of cool-sounding but zero traffic terms while we were chasing down the bigger stuff, including things like:

  • SEO demo
  • SEO power
  • SEO experiments / theories
  • Superior SEO
  • Superior Small Business

..that kind of thing..

Up until very recently there has been zero challenge whatsoever, until an SEO comedian from “Modesto” (which is just about as ironic a place he could live as possible, considering the nonsensical bragging on Twitter) has been making a sustained article spamming campaign to take first “superior seo design” (which we never targeted anyway) and then very recently an occasional showing for Superior SEO (US searchers only) and then bragging daily about his “achievement” to anyone who will listen on Twitter.

Well see, this isnt really a fair battle now as is now set to geo-target the UK (utterly dominant there of course, and still #1 on everywhere except the US)  but is not as strong as it was in the US anymore.

There are also several other more worthy looking sites who seems to have taken up the challenge (probably couldn’t bear Modesto numpty’s Twitter gloating either)  and who have inserted “superior seo design” into their page titles, that kind of thing, so all in all, we think it’s time for some kind of semi-serious counter-attack (time permitting)

EDIT 20-08. ..Whoops.. The Mighty SEO Design Solutions have now also decided to come play, finally some proper competition, we can in all liklihood kiss this one goodbye now :)

So Sunday afternoon when it wasnt sunny enough for beach weather  our Sniper team knocked this up :)   ..That should put the cat amongst the pigeons..

The real aim here is to see how quickly we can outrank our own site for these terms as we did with the sniper site itself and the term SEO Design packages. In that case it was a little over a week.

We believe that a truly superior SEO web design is a million miles away from the 10k of (mainly hidden) and nonsensical repeated words which SEO Modesto clown is touting as being all you need, so let’s see..

Site is live now, we’ll start piling the pressure on in a day or two once it’s all indexed, and ultimately we want to build a useful resource so that anyone actually looking to implement superior seo themselves has a starting point rather than various of us gloating about how superior we are.

Remember.. there can be only one.. ;)

Hasta luego amigos, Ibiza out.

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