Caffeine Kicks Google’s Link Addiction?

by seoibiza on 15, August, 2009

Ok so we finally got a little time to check out Google Caffeine this morning and have been both pleased and impressed with the results with regards to general SERP quality and our portfolio.

We’d like to be able to think that the results validate our transparent by-the-book seo techniques as the majority of the sites we’ve looked so far at seem to have benefited from the caffeine update at this point.

But, whilst looking at some SEO searches for SEOIbiza we stumbled across this warrior forum post highlighting this search result screenshotted below – click for full size, and this is MASSIVE news.

Anyone who has been in SEO for even the smallest amount of time will have seen this benchmark example used to demonstrate Google’s links-rankings relationship..’s the old cliche one..

“click here”


and it’s no longer the case!

On the left in old Google we have Adobe, who actually have sitelinks for the term, on the right, we now have Microsoft, then a domain called

Obviously this needs further (and major) investigation, but it looks as though it may be fair to say that Google’s utter dependence on links / anchor text for rankings is in Rehab, if not actually fully recovered.

Watch this space.

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Paul B 15, August, 2009 at 8:31 pm

Yeah i was reading an article at the reg today ( were they interview Mr Cutts and hes seems to say:

“The new infrastructure sits ‘under the hood’ of Google’s search engine,” read his blog post, “which means that most users won’t notice a difference in search results.”

I think they are definitely tweaking the algo for links but im always doubtful if they are going to reduce googles dependency on links much. I know links can be manipulated but i know that a lot of the new factors that people have been talking about such as user behaviour and social media citations can be hacked much much easier.


seoibiza 15, August, 2009 at 8:51 pm

Hey Paul.

lol, ok well we needed a sensationalist headline to go with the de-throning of the standard proof of link dominance -ie “click here” :)

but to be honest the observations are not soley based on that either, there are several searches we look at quite a lot for experimental reasons and know the link graphs and histories of competing sites intricately, these are all showing losses on the anchor text heavy sites, or sites reliant on syndicated (duplicate, articles etc) content.

maybe its a side effect of the new infrastructure rather than a core “links” change, but “click here” is a pretty significant one, its kind of like when they brought in the Google-bombing filters for the first time.

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