Thesis – Will You Be my Valentine?

by seoibiza on 14, February, 2010

Ibiza Wedding Shop

We LOVE Thesis..

So we’ve been deep in the world of  WordPress web design for the past few weeks, building lots of sites for clients, and re-writing our own main site, from HTML to WordPress, upgrading, up-teching, and up-theming.

As you can see we’ve gone for Thesis, in a big way :)

..there’s few new pages on consultancy, services, but mostly it’s pretty much the same content, just a new frame, after all it’s the content that counts, right? ;)

Get Thesis Superior SEO now

We love it, seriously, because as we’re not actually “web designers” it makes that part easy, and allows us to get on with putting the actual content into it, to make it work in Google (and hence drive business).

Thesis v 1.7 offering “insane SEO options and a new kind off website optimization” is due out shortly too, alhough quite what else you need is beyond us really.

Onwards & upwards.. happy Valentines day y’all..  we’re off for another dirty weekend with Thesis ;)

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