Does Onsite SEO Alone Work?

by seoibiza on 15, August, 2010

This is a question we get asked a surprising amount.  – The image below should answer that, this is the one month period since the changes were cached.
On site SEO

This was one of those slightly more nerve wracking jobs, a small business seo project where the site already ranks pretty well, already at #4 for the main (converting) 2-word key-phrase, and #5 for the big one word key-phrase, (less conversion) and the client heavily relies on these keyword rankings for their current levels of business.

Normally with sites like this you would immediately be thinking about more and better links inbound, and minimal onsite changes to start, because the closer you are to the top, the more you have to lose, rather than than to gain on the big rankings.

But every site is different, and this one already had bundles of IBLs because the owner has been on a successful link-building drive for some time. But although the big kws were already in the zone, there were also a myriad of combinations, and variations on the theme that weren’t covered so well, so potentially a lot of traffic to be picked up by going sideways as well as up.

So we agreed with the client to cease his linkbuilding for a while, so we could accurately assess the impact of our onsite seo work and got down to it. – As you can see it’s going pretty well.

Lots of SEOs think that it’s just links, links, links, but often when a site has a decent amount of links already there is much more to be gained by leveraging the “latent ranking potential” already there, and spreading sideways to go after longer-tail keyword combinations more effectively.

And almost as a bonus, as of today the 2 word phrase is at #2 and the 1 word phrase is at #3.


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Gary 15, August, 2010 at 9:33 pm

Ive had very similar examples, if you already have a good link portfolio, the on page work can really surprise some people. You can have all the links you want, but without the on page work your campaign will never reach its full potential.

seoibiza 16, August, 2010 at 1:47 pm

Hi Gary. too true mi amigo, too true.

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