Microsoft & Yahoo Make a Baby

by seoibiza on 17, August, 2010

A Tweet from @phil_nash made us chuckle a couple of days ago

Welcome to the new decade: Java is a restricted platform, Google is evil, Apple is a monopoly and Microsoft are the underdogs..

But his timing was pretty good, just in time for the underdogs to bite back. The much vaunted Microsoft / Yahoo merger has finally got a plan and a timescale, and a new website to announce both –


Lots of people in the business (internet business) and quite a few of the public seem a bit fed up with Google in one way and another lately, whether its search results, privacy issues, or the new perception that Google might just be a bit evil after all, the timing of this announcement will be welcomed by some, for sure.

And “Bingahoo” say they have potentially 31% of the search market, which is significant volume, certainly too big to be ignored by businesses and SEOs alike. The project between the two companies gives them access to 5.2 billion monthly searches.  The deal is reported to leave Bing as the provider of the underlying results of Yahoo searches, with Yahoo retaining control of how those results are displayed.

From their website:

More volume, less effort.

Search ad inventory from Yahoo!, Microsoft, and their respective partners will be combined into a new unified search marketplace, giving advertisers of all sizes access to a combined audience of 561 million searchers worldwide.

The Yahoo! and Microsoft Search Alliance is a major initiative between our companies to create a competitive choice in search for advertisers and consumers. The combined scale will assist both companies in speeding the pace of innovation to improve the search user experience, as well as help advertisers get better results and help improve monetization for partners.

When the Yahoo! and Microsoft Search Alliance is implemented, both companies will continue to have differentiated consumer search experiences. However, Microsoft will manage the technology platforms that deliver the algorithmic (powered by Bing) and paid (powered by adCenter) search results.

Yahoo! and Microsoft will each provide customer support to different advertiser segments: Yahoo!’s sales team will exclusively support high volume advertisers, SEO and SEM agencies, and resellers and their clients. Microsoft will support self-service advertisers. In addition, Microsoft adCenter will be the platform for all search campaigns.

Our aim is a high quality transition of advertisers and partners in at least the US prior to the 2010 holiday season. However, we may wait until 2011 if we determine this will be more effective.

We would actually like to see this go well and the Google stranglehold monopoly on search & PPC face a serious challenge, never thought we’d see the day we were wishing MS well against Google, but here we are.

Whatever next..?

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