PPC Case Study – “More Sales Please”

by seoibiza on 23, August, 2010

So following on from the onsite optimization example a couple of posts back, we thought we’d share some PPC happenings that we’ve got going on too.  As this campaign was already profitable, the brief was simply:

“more sales – I’m happy to spend more, I just want to sell as much as possible.”

We took control of it at end April and started implementing changes on 01 May 2010.

PPC campaign optimization

The first two months were spent optimizing the performance, culling back the non-performing ads, groups and keywords, and honing the performing ones sharper still.  We were primarily looking to reduce average Cost per conversion, and sell more for the same spend. – We did manage the main objectives, ie reduce CPC and  sell more, but the spend also rose a little too, although not as much as the sales – but you can’t always have everything you want.

Then it was time for phase 2,  increase spend on the new sharper campaign..

PPC increase spend and sales

Obviously we cant pull identical time-period comparisons until the end of August, but if it keeps on this track we think we’ll be looking at approximately 40+% more sales, for approximately 15 ish % more spend (than at 01 May) at this point. Bargain.

Remember this second image is now comparing against our own improvements in May too.   & We’re not doing anything complicated here either, just the basics, A/B testing new ads, honing bids, a couple of new campaigns and cutting back wastage.

- We  don’t really even consider ourselves “PPC experts” in the same way that we would in Organic SEO, and hence don’t really chase this business, but we quite often end up getting involved in it one way and another, and to be fair, considering we’re usually taking over campaigns that have been set up and operated by “PPC experts” just maybe we’re underestimating our capabilities a little :)

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