GEO SEO Revisited & SXO Testing Update

by seoibiza on 17, September, 2010

So almost two years ago now, way back in Dec 2008, as part of the ongoing experiments and testing on our site, we assigned a UK geo-target to inside Google Webmaster tools. The site is hosted in the US and so until that point had always been stronger there than the UK, in fact at the point of flipping the switch we had been firmly inside the top 20 for “SEO” on the US index.

Top 20 for "SEO" Nov 2008

Top 20 for "SEO" Nov 2008 - click to enlarge

However from 2008 onwards we had to focus on ranking client sites instead of our own, and our self-imposed one year time period (to see how just far we could get our own site) expired, so since then there has been no link “building” done on whatsoever, and all of our testing has been of exactly how far you can push the limits with onsite techniques, buttons in Google panels, that sort of thing.

Since then, the rankings for “SEO” on have slowly slid over the course of the two year period to just outside the 100 point, and now flux around between #30-something to #60-something on

So here we are two years later, pretty-strong  on, but not in the race any more on, and especially so in the US, as shown by this kind of result on

SXO Services #1

SXO Services #1

But  only a #2 on, and it’s been 6 days now..

SXO Services US #2

So in the interests of absolutely up-to-date testing info, today we’ve de-selected UK and left it as “no geographic target” and will now  watch the cross index SERP movement. It will be interesting to once again observe the results  and see if the geo search experience is still as it was back in 08-09.

Note. We would once again like to make it absolutely clear we are not targeting the “new SXO” business as such, any more than we have done for the past two years, although it is  probably worth pointing out that the homepage of our site has for the past two years also included the text:

“It is then about using the analytics data to adjust your Site Content to suit your customers actual behaviour on your site and to increase the overall selling efficiency of your website as the traffic rises.”

Which kind of has it already covered doesn’t it? .. But we prefer to just call it what we’ve always called it;  “Superior SEO“  ;)

Update 24th September – US gives it up too. US gives up the booty..

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bharath 8, April, 2011 at 1:32 pm

hi, thnx for the information. recently i gone through the meta tag of geo. From the blogs i came to know that geo seo is used for locality serp’s . Is it correct and good technique to use the geo in meta tag….? please suggest me to use this

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