Web-Mania Utter Pants! – Renamed YorHost

by seoibiza on 1, January, 2011

Update: 18-May 2011 – Nathan sort out the issues and recover the domains at your cost – ticket numbers below, and then we can talk. Do not think this post will not follow your new name. Lesson, do not pi$$ off an SEO company if you need Google for business.

Web Mania have put a new website up and re-named themselves YorHost DO NOT BE FOOLED!

web mania

Web Mania may have changed their website, but they havent changed their habits!

Web ManiaOk so Happy New Year to everybody except Web Mania hosting who are utter utter $hite and will be having a most unhappy new year if this is their ongoing level of customer support.

We’ve held off with this post to give them a chance to deal with what is after all a very basic support request – what with the “Season of Goodwill” etc, but they have been warned it was coming, and still ignored all emails with no response at all, the last of which was sent on 13th December last year as shown in the trail below, and it’s been all-quiet from these numpties ever since.

So Web Mania, when you read this, we suggest you contact us  (ticket number at bottom of post) with the required information and how you have solved the  issues which have arisen since you have been ignoring the initial request  we may consider then removing the post if everything is satisfactory, otherwise the public really deserves to know:

..just how $hit Web Mania Hosting are these days.

Lets start by saying that in the past this hasn’t been the case, although this is the first time that we have ever tried to move a domain away from Web Mania, but there have been support issues in the past that have been dealt with reasonably efficiently, so quite what has happened lately is unknown, but it’s just not acceptable.

So following a live chat support request with them, to unlock two domains registered through them and supply the authorisation codes for a transfer,  which ended up with the support person leaving to “look into it and get back to us” in mid-November, the following emails have occurred.

SEO Ibiza to Web-Mania Hosting – 13 Nov 2010


I want to transfer these 2 domains to another registrar, and want to know how to unlock them and request the authorisation codes please? my hosting account doesnt seem to have any domain details or tools, DNS or anything? so I would be grateful of some advice or assistance asap.  I look forward to hearing from you.

best regards

Web Mania to SEO Ibiza – 26 November 2010 ( 2 weeks later)

Mark has responded to your help desk request.
Thank you contacting us.

We are sorry to hear that you want to transfer your account. We value your association with us so please let us know if there’s anything that we can do to retain your business or to improve our services. Is there any technical query which was not answered and due to which you have decided to transfer your account? Please let us know so that we can reach to the root cause of the problem.

Please do not hesitate to contact us again if you have any further issues or doubts. We are available for 24X7 to provide you the quality support and assistance.

Web Mania Support.

SEO Ibiza to Web-Mania Hosting – 26 Nov 2010

Hello Mark

No nothing like that, there will still be a site on this hosting package, I just want to transfer these 2 domains. please unlock them and supply me the auth code/s or explain to me how I go about it?

best regards

Web Mania to SEO Ibiza – 26 November 2010

Simon has responded to your help desk request.
Hello,Thank you for contacting us.

we are sorry for the above response.  We have escalated your issue to our Senior Admins and they will be soon working on it. We will keep you posted on the progress they make.

Meanwhile your patience is highly appreciated.

Technical Support Team.

SEO Ibiza to Web-Mania Hosting – 03 Dec 2010

Hi, any news on this? why is it taking so long?

SEO Ibiza to Web-Mania Hosting – 07 Dec 2010

ER…. HELLO?? !!

this is approaching 2 weeks now to unlock domains and supply a code?

is there a problem?

SEO Ibiza to Web-Mania Hosting – 13 Dec 2010

Hello again, as per previous email , this is now approaching 3 weeks without even an answer from you, never mind a solution.

So you now have 24 hours within which to respond and sort this out to my satisfaction, or Im going to make you famous using the power of a well established SEO blog which will rank for whatever we want it to, and spread the story far and wide.

I’m sorry I don’t like to resort to such tactics but I also don’t like just being ignored for 3  weeks on requests either.

One of the domains we wanted to move had been hacked and rather than struggle through trying to deal with it on Web Mania’s virtually non-existent hosting panel tools, it was decided easier to move the domain quickly and put the site somewhere else.

On looking this morning this domain is now not even resolving to the site at all, and 404-ing.Inside their “Control” (LOL!) panel the domain in question is no longer even there, and Google has de-indexed the vast majority of the site.

The transfer requests to the new registrar have been canceled and refunded due to inaction and the whole thing needs starting again. To an observer, it would appear that Web Mania have not the foggiest clue about how to unlock or supply an Auth code for domains they are in charge of.

So Web Mania, when you read this, the ticket code is {4000-246522} - please contact us to let us know that whatever the issues are causing the 404 have been solved, and the that the domains are unlocked and the Auth codes are attached, otherwise we will now just be ignoring you, until you produce the goods.

Wishing everybody else a happy & prosperous New year from Ibiza.

Update 08 Jan  – SERP Protest gathers pace. :)

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Krystal Hosting 30, January, 2012 at 4:42 pm

Had a Web Mania/YorHost refugee come to us today, awful companies like this is why we set up in business.

If you’d like to join us just use the coupon “YORMANIA” at checkout to get 50% off. It’s protected by a 30 day money back guarantee and we have a UK local rate phone number!

mo 12, February, 2012 at 5:20 pm

hi i have been webmania for many years, i paid them in nov 2012, they informed us, that they are now called yorhost.
i need to access my site for alteration, but i receive no reply from them either by phone or email.
can anybody help me please.
can you tell me what do i have to do now.

Gary 11, March, 2012 at 3:11 pm

I renewed my domain registration but it seems as though they took my money and didn’t actually register the domain.

How are these people still in business?

John 2, April, 2012 at 6:25 pm

Same as above.

Registered a domain and they took my money. Result = no domain registered. This is clearly fraud. Does anybody know of the relevant authority to report this to?

Simone 27, April, 2012 at 8:55 am

It *is* possible to get them to renew a domain if you threaten them with legal action – just telling them that I was going to talk to my legal representative about it worked for me. I think they are effectively a one man band now which is why support is slow.

Gav 28, April, 2012 at 12:18 am

same issues, i had to renew hosting in oct 2011 and was not aware at that time there were problems , however normal payment method and hosting resumed ok, but i had several other domain names and after submitting a support ticket for a minor query i got no responce, mutliple requests later and still no responces, so i had no option other than change host provider which i did and in doing so i needed to get the several domain names i owned tranfered but i simply couldnt then they expired, i contacted nominet but they said host provider needs to release them, but how can anyone get them realsed when webmania completely ignores you, now those domains sit in nominets haven of held names and require £80 for each one for me to get them back and all becuase of webmania’s incompetence, i know know the company went bust however they still hold a duty to resolve issues if they are going to restart under another name just to get round there own finanacial issues as far as i am concerned ( why should i end up paying £80 for each domain name that i should have had released when the request was made? Nathen Barns as far as i see right now you are one very devious person for upholding your responcibilties to your paying customers, after all it was not our lacking security that allowed hackers into your servers and end up bankcrupting you ( at least thats the sory you gave for your finanial loses) you are now back up and running and have been for sometime and making money again so why dont you do the right thing and contact all of your clients ( including myself) and resolve the problems that you have caused them, i dread to think of the people that have successfull and money earning websites with you when all this happened and the financial loses they might have suffered as direct consequence of your actions, Man up and face your responsibilties otherwise the internet will be bulging with complaints like this untill your new company falls flat aswell

Simon 30, April, 2012 at 10:33 am

Howdy. I’ve just fallen into the renewal trap :’(

Received the renewal notice for my domain a few weeks back, blissfully ignorant of the problems that people were having with YorHost so went ahead and renewed. No response. No renewal. And now I find myself here reading all this stuff 18 months after it was originally posted. I was also a happy WebMania customer for many years so had no reason to suspect that they had gone bankrupt and that Nathan Barnes is a thieving lying scumbucket. Ah well… I’ve now registered with another hosting company who are going to help me get this sorted out. In the meantime my email is vanishing into the ether…

seoibiza 30, April, 2012 at 10:45 am

hello everybody. sorry to see this is still going on, as Simon says, 18 months later.

@Gav – I’m sure the new attempt at a business has already fallen flat. this thread has been right underneath him for his new business name since the launch, and its not exactly a glowing recommendation is it?

hope you all get your problems sorted.

Brendan Farrell 29, May, 2012 at 10:44 am

Oh I wish I had read all this before I renewed my registration with them (only last month) because now their server is down and so is my website and I’m not receiving any emails aswell. Like all of you that have posted here, I can’t get through to them so I’m not sure what I can do to be honest. Any help would be appreciated??

seoibiza 29, May, 2012 at 11:04 am

and still it continues 18+ months later..

@Brendan – all the way back on page 1 of the comments of this post, a lady posted “the definitive comment” on how to recover your domains.

best of luck.

Barbara 26, June, 2012 at 8:18 pm

Has anyone got any further with YorHost aka Web Mania?? I’ve been trying to contact them for a week now, I’ve ended up loosing my website, with all my clients galleries and I’m just about pulling my hair out. All I want to do it pay the money and get my domain name back :(

Stress doesn’t cover it

Barbara 26, June, 2012 at 9:34 pm

still no luck :(

Not Telling Just Yet 1, August, 2012 at 8:38 am

I think it is time to sort out Nathan Barnes. This guy could have done a lot more to help the people he has inconvenienced, however what he is doing with YorHost is beyond the pale.

Many of us have lost money and been given an immense amount of trouble by the collapse of Web Mania Ltd. Some of us still have issues to sort out.

I am receiving invoices off his new company YorHost for domains that are no longer registered with Web Mania Ltd and I have never been a customer of YorHost nor have I had any domains registered with him. This is therefore fraud and it is a criminal offence. I know at least two other people this is happening to.

At £10-£45 a time this is not a lot of money, however if he is sending out 100s or 1000s of false invoices and some people are paying them then this amounts to a lot of money.

I am willing to collate the information and report the matter to North Yorkshire Police for criminal investigation.

Please send the following you have received from YorHost

- email “Account Renewal Reminder”
- copy of invoice form your Web Mania account.

as a zipped file to:


Please note: Your invoice must be for a service that is not registered with YorHost

Edwin Cooke 8, August, 2012 at 4:02 pm

I have had two new customers this month request help with moving a .com domain away from Webmania. I have written a blog article here on how to do it:


nigel 4, September, 2012 at 10:22 pm

It happened to me too. I renewed my Domain Name in July 2012 but it didn’t get registered and I moved it to 123 reg who wanted a renewal fee for THEM to renew it. So I had to pay that. Now trying to get my renewal fee back from Yorhost. YOu have a good idea how much luck I am having there. Checked on Companies House and Yorhost is not registered. Wrote to their registered address (same as on their website) and my letter was returned by the Post Office. Looks like another dirty, thieving scumbag is getting away with it. Our laws are much too soft.

Simone 18, September, 2012 at 3:02 pm

Yorhost hosted sites appear to be down since yesterday. Is it just me?

Gary 10, October, 2012 at 2:02 am

They are still sending out renewal notices for my domain despite not renewing it after I paid them. Total bunch of crooks.

I doubt if Yorkshire police would care but I am half inclined to get in touch with them about this fraud…

Vasileios Hatzistratis 21, January, 2013 at 1:09 pm

I made the huge mistake to pay those a$$holes in order to run my own joomla website. Firstly i tried Version 3 and i got that php is too old and cannot run Joomla 3 version. Then I decided to go on 2.5 and the setup stuck on the sql server which is old for the Joomla Needs. I contact them twice with no answer and when you call their phone number an automated message advices you to contact them via email. This Company needs to be reported somehow…

Samantha 8, March, 2013 at 10:18 am

I have had the same experience as many others – paid for the domain, but Yorhost did not pay the wholesaler (Nominet?) and our domain lapsed and website went down. Yorhost failed to reply to several emails, but did finally renew our domain. We run holidays and are completely dependant on our website for business. Our site was down for 3 weeks during our busiest booking time of the year so I hate to think how many bookings we lost. We run adverts in the cycling press tied in to our busy booking season to pull people too our website which is EXPENSIVE and last year was a water as teh website wan’t there. I am now trying to get the EPP key to transfer our domain away from these terrible people but not having any luck – no reply to any emails and no phone available and no live chat. Feeling sick and almost in tears reading all the comments above. If anyone can help, please let me know how I might be able to get out of this terrible and damaging situation.

Green arrow 18, July, 2013 at 6:30 am

I am facing the case as Charlotte Olley , My site , Sometimes up’s & down’s . Plan to move other cheap web hosting provider’s .

Please Reback my charge

Victoria France 28, July, 2013 at 7:25 pm

Nathan Barnes runs YorHost, he is a one man band. He is a conman who will take your money and run, which is what he has done to me and countless others. Do NOT buy domain or hosting services from YourHost aka Nathan Barnes. You will receive nothing, no domain, no hosting and no contact.

Riaz Ahmed 1, September, 2013 at 12:56 pm

I came across this site by mistake, as I am having terrible time with web-mania.

They have declined so much and hardly any support left.

No email responses and have this silly answer phone on.

I am 100% reliant on my website, and it might get suspended as web-mania have NOT renewed my domain as I have paid them months ago for it.

The chq has been cashed ;(

I really need advice – so frustrated!!!

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