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by seoibiza on 17, December, 2011

Lots of SEOs think they are rock stars, but that’s not what were talking about here. It’s actually been quite a long time since we’ve felt the need to blog about SEO, and have been super-busy on lots of our own projects as always, but felt that this one was probably worth a mention.

We’ve stated before that Ibiza is an amazing place to live and work, and that had we stayed in London and been called “SEO Clapham”, (for example) that things might not have worked out quite the same, and this is a perfect example..  Back in August, the phone rang, and was answered:

“Hello, is that SEO Ibiza?”

- Yes indeed, how can we help?

“Hi, it’s Andy Taylor, I’ve been recommended to you by Ade (Ibiza blog) “

Well it’s got to be said that it’s not every day that one of your childhood heroes (Duran Duran) ring you up out of the blue..  only in Ibiza in fact. :)  So (bizarrely enough) it turns out Andy is already a bit of a WordPress expert, (arent all Rockstars? ) but was getting frustrated with the limitations of because he is working with a pioneering new system called Topspin which allows artists to market and sell their products directly to the customer, thereby cutting out the (broadly hated) middlemen (record companies)

But WordPress hosted systems don’t allow you to do what he wants to do, and so a few months and lots of design tweaking (by Ade) later we are (slightly surreally) happy to announce and soft launch:

Now we just have to get it past the other 38 million or so sites about Duran Duran.. :)

Watch this space..

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