Welcome to Ibiza and our SEO Services Blog.

We are an Ibiza-based search engine optimisation company providing our diverse range of business website optimisation services to a global client base.

We attempt to do our job for our clients as quickly and efficiently as possible, but also tend to spend a lot of time wandering about the internet in a relentless search for new information, and for entertainment and/or amusement.

SEO is mostly taken very seriously indeed by many, but we try to bring a more laid back, Ibiza vibe to the whole thing.  ..SEO on the beach if you like.

Its not that we don’t take our work seriously, we do, very, but after all its not difficult, and the results are very enjoyable, so lets all try to enjoy the whole experience ;)

We have to be selective about who we work with and will only take on work we can ethically agree with, but if we like what you do, we may work with and supply free advice or consultancy in an ongoing working alliance.

Please contact us if you think you might be interested in this. Note this does not generally apply to commercial sites.

Everything tagged “humour” on the blog, as well as a lot that is not (tagged) is not meant to be taken too seriously.

Our site consists primarily of:

  • SEO Ibiza’s SEO Demo Web site – will be one year old 18 Nov 2008

Visitors be warned, seo spec ops it is a place of fighting talk, much irreverance, man humour & silliness often prevails there..

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