We’re pretty good at SEO even if we do say it ourselves.  ..Our clients do too, but we don’t need their validation, we knew it anyway.. ;)

…We already know to a high degree exactly what works and what doesn’t, but things can change very quickly, and there’s always room to learn, and to a certain extent you have to push the limits a little bit sometimes..

We have to have somewhere to find out what works and what doesn’t cut it from the more advanced seo theory, well this is it..

Everything we do, here or anywhere else is 100% “ethical seo” but rather like an F1 team, it’s our job to tweak and fine tune your standard factory Ferrari into an unstoppable championship series winner. we built and use our own site as an ongoing SEO demonstration, and we use it in ongoing seo experiments to test out current or new seo theories of interest safely here.

..whilst sticking strictly to 100%  recognised best practice protocols on client sites.

The main site first went live on the 18th 2007 and has so far been been used as a successful testbed for:

The various elements of SEO are explained in as simple language as we could manage in the main site, however if this is too technical, or too wordy for you please head to simple seo – seo made easy where we (will shortly :) ) have prepared a video presentation for you to watch.

Otherwise please do delve around the site and if you have any questions about anything email us or shout us on the comments.

hasta luego amigos.

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