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Put simply..

A blog will turbocharge your internet online business presence

SEO Ibiza are specialists in business blog integration, ie. integrating a blog into your website and into your business.

Blogs have revolutionised the modern web. They bring previously undreamt of levels of control to non technical web publishers, and allow businesses unparalleled access to the public and their customers.

Business blogging can help you…

  • Establish yourself as an authority in your niche
  • Promote and market your business
  • Grow and develop your brand
  • Announce important news
  • Show the more personal side
  • Interact with customers

And most importantly, (as far as we are concerned) because of their inherently search engine friendly structure

Business blogs give your business an immediate search engine presence.

Blogs have certain inherent SEO advantages over static websites, and vice versa, so don’t choose between them, use both to harness the full potential of the modern website, integrate a blog into your business now, and it can be out there working for you by the end of the week..

We can supply blog user, technical and SEO training packages, install, configure, integrate, advise and consult in any way required on all aspects of integrating a blog into your website, and most crucially, ..into your business life.

We can integrate a blog into your business  & website from 700 Euros

If you would like to know more please CONTACT US for more details of our comprehensive SEO & Blog integration Services, or for client examples (with permission of course) and references.


wordpress seo demo

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