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Internet marketing for websites


Web 2.0” now offers a whole new world of effective ways of marketing a business apart from organic search engine optimisation to promote your business on the internet, increase your online profile and maximise your website’s exposure within your target sector, to get potential new customers to your website, including the most popular, search targeted advertising or PPC. to

SEM or PPC - Google Adwords is a very popular way of leveling the playing field as far as Google Rankings are concerned, allowing the small business to pay for the privilege of showing your listing alongside the other Sponsored Listings on the page, and depending how high you bid per click, you can often take the #1 position immediately, without the lag-times natural or organic SEO can display.

In tough keyword markets, say “life insurance” or “debt consolidation” – organic SEO rankings can take many months to make your mark in, and for some markets could potentially cost you many thousands of $, so PPC becomes extremely attractive as an entry proposition.

Many companies focus predominantly on SEM & PPC as it gives a proven immediate ROI (return on investment) but it does have certain inherent disadvantages to the Organic Listings.

  • Some are reluctant to Click on Adverts
  • Return on Investment stops immediately if/ when you cease running the ads
  • Costs of Adverts usually steadily rises with your competition over time

However, effective PPC campaigns can be tricky to set up properly and can drain your money in useless clicks extremely fast if the website doesnt convert your clickers into buyers effectively.

SEO Ibiza operate an SEM Management service whereby we will set up, operate, manage and monitor your PPC campaigns to ensure that you get the best performance, for the least possible cost from the system.

We usually advocate a dual process, with a managed PPC campaign in the first instance to ensure your presence immediately in your marketplace, and a parallel SEO campaign to bring your business to minimum of the 1st page of listings, and ideally the Top 5 position.

Our SEO & SEM solutions make your website return your investment into it and drive your business forward via the internet.