Business SEO in Mallorca & the Balearic Islands

search engine optimisation in the balearic islands


SEO Ibiza are expanding and are now targeting Mallorca & the Balearic Islands in general as suitable for our SEO services. We are an search engine optimization specialist consultancy based in Ibiza, Spain, and with strong expertise in marketing local businesses on the internet both in Ibiza, and worldwide.

Due to strong success and an unprecendented levels of interest from Ibiza based businesses we have decided to include open up our Internet Marketing services to Mallorca & Minorca and the Balearic Islands in general.

This means of course that you will be seeing this page in your Mallorca & Balearic Islands based searches before too long. We do not advertise using conventional means, instead we believe the best way for you to find us, and to trust in our abilities to get your business noticed on the internet, is

…for you to notice our business on the internet.

According to Wikipaedia on Mallorca for example, quoted below

“In 2005, there were over 2,400 restaurants on the island of Mallorca according to the Mallorcan Tourist Board. They ranged from small bars to full scale restaurants”

Yet a search for “Restaurants + Mallorca” brings up the standard restaurant finder service.

..Wouldn’t it be nice if your business website was in the top 5 places there instead?

With a population of approximately 800,000 people we are confident there are a great many Mallorca based businesses that can benefit greatly from our fast, cost effective SEO services and packages

Areas that have been popular with our SEO services in Ibiza have been

Please do visit our Client Testimonials page to see what our happy clients have said about us, and try out their actual Google searches live, in real time for yourself.

If you have a business based in Mallorca and a business website whether you need to rank better for little niche searches through to “hotels in Majorca” please contact us and we will do our best to help.