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SEO in Scotland

Does your SEO look like this? then see below

No we haven’t lost the SEO plot, and this isn’t an open declaration of SERP war with our amigo Shaun, or any other of the Scottish SEO companies, and we don’t particularly  even want to start doing any SEO in Scotland, flying back to the UK ‘s bad enough..

You could say we’re “fair weather SEOs”  :P

But for one reason and another we decided on a domain strength test and for a pop at something out of our area a bit harder  “SEO Scotland” seems as good a target as any.

Especially as  the Scots are well known for their feistyness, you never know it may even get linked at by irate Scots SEO newbies on forums or something.

And we haven’t done any experiments or testing with this kind of thing for a few months now,  so here we are :)

If there’s any genuine Scottish business website owners with poorly performing websites out there actually looking for help with their websites see below.

Small Business SEO – in the North of England & Scotland .

Well there’s some excellent SEOs up there everybody knows:

And it doesn’t just have to be Scotland, we’ve got other SEO mates in the North of England too in the Manchester / Lancashire areas who can help you too, see

Now if you (Northern & Scottish SEO types) could all be so grateful for these stonking links you knock up comparable pages for us, that would be grand.  We cant help noticing that we’re not on the first page for “SEO” or “Ibiza” yet despite an exact match domain name,  so you all better try a bit harder.

Otherwise look us up when you’re next out here our fair-skinned cousins, and we can make endless jokes about bad weather and haggis ;)

SEO Services Ibiza out.