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SEO Ibiza are now pleased to be able to offer our affordable seo services to businesses in Spain.

We now have professional technical translation services available to us that allow us to offer our affordable seo packages to Expat or Spanish owned businesses whether on the Spanish mainland, or the Balearic & Canary Islands.

Our Spanish SEO services can be targeted specifically at the index in either English or Spanish, (although wherever applicable of course we recommend use of both languages for maximum exposure and market penetration) or at the Global markets, including marketing your Spanish based business website in the UK should you require.

We are currently in the process of having several pages of this site re-worked into Spanish for demonstration purposes, please watch this space….


According to the World Bank, Spain’s economy is the ninth largest worldwide and the fifth largest in Europe. As of 2007, absolute GDP was valued at $1.362 trillion according to the CIA Factbook, (see List of countries by GDP (nominal)). The per capita PPP is estimated at $33,700 (2007), ahead of G7 countries like Italy and placing Spain at a similar per capita basis as France or Japan (both with an 2007 estimated at $33,800). The Spanish economy grew 3.8% in 2007 outpacing all G7 members and all the big EU economies for the 3rd consecutive year.

Although doing business can be challenging in Spain at times, the economy is still comparatively healthy, even in these times of credit crunch problems, and with the right support from your website placing higher in the search engines you’ll be able to relax and enjoy all the numerous benefits of the Spanish lifestyle a little more.

Spanish companies and businesses that are already benefiting from optimized websites include:

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