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We are a UK-expat run, Ibiza-based search engine optimization (or SEO) company, offering our individual brand of SEO services to a fast growing customer base worldwide. We have multiple International SEO clients in London & the United Kingdom, and so felt we should really be ranking on Google there too.

  • “Practice what you preach..”
  • We do not advertise anywhere, and use only organic SEO on Google.
  • Our work has come from word of mouth recommendations and from Google hits and inquiries that turn into conversions.

This page (as with our whole website) is an ongoing SEO Demo, it went live on the 22nd April 2009, and you are reading it following an internet search of some sort, then it’s done its’ job.

Please feel free to visit our customer testimonials page, try ours and our reference customer searches live, see the live Google results for yourself.

In the UK we’re working with companies ranging from Introduction agencies to Florists, from Boutique Travel companies through to eco-decorators, from independent cinemas to recording studios, and from crossdressing services to cottages in Cornwall, get the idea..?

..If they’ve got websites, we can drive business to them through it.

We can supply most forms of SEO services and specialise in Macromedia Flash SEO solutions, and we can also run residential (here in Ibiza) or onsite SEO training courses for you and your staff to take care of your own sites effectively, please visit our SEO packages page for full details

Or if you just have a business website that needs to rank better, or are having a website built and want SEO designed into it from the start, please contact us for a chat and a quote.