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by admin on April 3, 2013

Anna - Ibiza Global

Being from Ibiza, one of our specialties has always been SEO for DJs and music-based sites, where we have worked with global brand names, as well as local businesses and DJs.

One of them is the fabulous Ibiza Global Radio who are going from strength to strength and have now evolved into a truly global brand at the capable hands of the lovely Anna Tur.

We would like to wish them continued success in 2013 and beyond.

Then we have another new (all girl) DJ site, just launching now

Ibiza weddings DJ

..if you want your party properly rocked..

DJ Democracy

..who specialize in rocking parties on the island, weddings, corporate events or just general celebrations for the sake of it.. surprise pop-up pool parties

..and why not..   :)

DJ Democracy in the house..

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