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by admin on April 21, 2011

Music promotion

Music House - Music Promotion

We are very pleased to announce that more   music businesses are joining the SEO Ibiza family, firstly in that funny way life has of what goes around coming back around again, the world famous Music House – parent company to Hyperactive.

In a fairly  bizarre twist of fate, one of our team who was a pro DJ in a former life actually used to be on the Hyperactive record mailing list many moons ago, but were reintroduced in this capacity by another friend, the fabulous KDot Music promotion company.

recording studio london E1

Milk Studios London E1

And secondly, via another friend of a friend (top girl DJ Smokin Jo) we have a slightly more challenging project (Flash SEO) (and we haven’t managed to gain access to it as yet either.. :) ) ..presenting Milk Studios in London’s east end, belonging to Tom Aitkenhead

We are as always proud to represent people and businesses we have a particular kinship with, and these two are exactly that so we are looking forward to working with them towards a brighter Google future.

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