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by admin on April 3, 2012

So last week we were in London conducting onsite SEO Training with a new consulting client, the fabulous online designer fashion magazine with a specialist focus on holiday clothes: (a worthy cause, especially if somebody can sort the average UK tourist’s wardrobe out, that can only be a good thing.)

Half the week was devoted to training their whole team in the basic SEO aspects of their individual jobs and a reasonably thorough site and strategy audit and overview, plus fair-size list of actionables and strategy ideas and a healthy respect for the challenge, moving forwards.

And then it was time for somebody to train one of ours, not in SEO but in online trading tactics and strategies from Ezeetrader’s-  Kevin & Kym.

Alessio Rastani

With us on the live trading course, was also “leading trader“ Alessio Rastani, the BBC’s favourite markets quote machine.

People will possibly be pleased to hear he’s not dreaming of a recession all the time any more, (if at all actually)

We’d like to say hi to all attendees and friends everywhere and thanks for a very  good and enjoyable 2 days (x 2)

Even the weather played along to make us feel at home, with only London Underground & Ryanair playing the bad guys on the way home as usual.

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