Business SEO & serp domination tactics

Although SEO Domination of your business market is always ultimate goal, we want to clarify what we mean by SEO & SERP domination as we have noticed a lot of other sites  and dubious linkbuilding software espousing very different versions from what we would term ethical SEO Domination.

As you will probably know if you have reached this deep into our site, we  originally themed it as a real-time ongoing SEO Demo of Superior SEO Services and as such, along the way to the big stuff, and for amusement, we really had to target those phrases which we did.

Superior SEO campaign started April 2008, ..all over by July 08.

superior seo domination

These across engine results tend to back up our assertion that if you optimise correctly for Google, the other engines, for what they are worth, should look after themselves. As you can see from the screenshot above we have attained multiple simultaneous #1′s across,,, MSN Yahoo and a few of the others for targeted terms.

This was  achieved by following our usual strategy of aiming to write (hopefully) amongst the best and most relevant unique content on the subject, and by intelligent use of contextual linking.

The term “SERP Domination” means different things to different people. There is one take of it on the excellent Blue hat SEO site, but this is not the same as the methods discussed there, this is our version of squeaky clean Keyword. SERP Domination tactics SEO Ibiza style.
We would not claim to be in the Blue Hat league, this is Ibiza based small business seo serp domination, not global dominance as practised by Eli.

The principle is really very simple, and that is to use SEO Web design to build and present the best content available for your customers, and structure it to enable the most likely possibility being that your potential customer will see your site, from one approach route, or another.