Advanced /Expert SEO Services we offer include

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Strategic /  SEO  Consulting

Want to take your search-based internet presence to the next level? Our affordable expert SEO consulting can help you.

SEO Training

Our SEO Training packages are suitable for beginner webmaster through to corporate training and consultations, please enquire.

  • User content creation

We can train key members of your staff in both best practices and innovative seo content design

  • Technical SEO aspects

We can train webmasters or in-house SEOs in the more advanced aspects of technical SEO

Business blogging

  • SEO Blog creation & integration

    Blogs have both enormous SEO benefits and are a great way for a business to get in touch with it’s custom base.

    Blog integration

Integrate a blog into your website and into your business culture, and watch your online brand awareness and internet presence snowball..

  • Blog Consultancy – User Training

Have a blog already? not sure of the game or the rules? let us train and enthuse you or your staff.

SEO by Design

Having a new website built, or re-built? It’s often crucial to the success of a small business web start up to apply SEO techniques at to give you a big headstart. Our SEO by Design service can help you appear in the search engines much faster. We can (preferably) work with designers or developers during the build, or polish it after they’ve finished.

Note – its always preferable to get it right from the start if possible, there’s an old saying:

“you can’t polish a turd..”  that may apply.

SEO Web design is the application of SEO techniques to web design to ensure that the end product hits the ground running as fast as possible. Web design and SEO are often 2 very different things, – not all web designers “get it”…

WordPress SEO

Installation Configuration, optimization or consulting.

  • SBS Sniper – Web Design Package

- a pre-optimized wordpress website built to penetrate your search terms as fast as possible

  • WordPress Rebuilds

- seen the light? want your site re-developed in WordPress?

Onsite SEO (non-Wordpress) Packages

Have a non-wordpress site you want optimized? no problem.

Every site is different and nearly all can be fine tuned and optimised further depending individual scenario. We will analyse the site in depth and adjust accordingly

SEO Content – analysing, creating and adjusting content to present as Google friendly site as possible, whilst keeping it reading well for users.

Affordable SEO Packages

SEO packages to suit most scenarios, please contact if you need something not covered by the range.

  • Offsite – link profile optimisation

We will study your current linking profile and first attempt to optimise what you have already. In some cases this has proven to be all that is required. If necessary we will then further source only the minimum quantity of high quality links required to do the job.

Search Marketing encompasses everything that is not “organic” or traditional search optimisation, including PPC ads, social media and the like.

  • Bespoke / Expert SEO Services – anything else not mentioned here please inquire.

Contact for SEO services quotes.