Social Media Services – In Ibiza or anywhere else..

Ibiza social mediaAs a business owner, if you have any interest in the internet at all, you cannot have helped but notice the rise of Social Media over the last few years, indeed just recently Facebook actually surpassed Google as the most-visited site on the internet.

You will likely have seen “social media experts” proclaiming the power of video marketing, Youtube, Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace, Bebo, the list is endless and is perpetually growing almost every day as the “latest best thing” is released.

There are without doubt huge marketing opportunities within Social Media if you know how to play it correctly, but there are serious obstacles & challenges as well, if you want to actually achieve anything other than waste hundreds of hours messing around with nothing to show for it.


Everybody's a social media expert, Twitting away all day is so much easier than actually ranking a website for sales terms..

It  doesnt help that everyone is jumping on the latest fad and proclaiming themselves  “Social media experts” all looking to blind you with internet terminology  (bullshit) and take your money for setting you up a Twitter and Youtube profile.  Indeed there are SEO companies and consultants (who do not even partake in Social Media, never mind have any expertise in delivering  or even tracking an actual return on investment from it) coming out of the woodwork with this kind of sales nonsense

“The Evolution Of Social Media Marks The Single Most Important Paradigm Shift In Marketing Your Business To Date..”

:) ..Does it indeed?  So where’s your Twitter account then?  …What’s your Return On Investment from your Socialising like?

What kind of influence do you have in Social media World?


So here’s a few questions to ask any potential “Social media experts” who may approach you about Social Media Services in Ibiza, or anywhere else.

  1. What are you actually going to do, once this video and Social profiles are up?
  2. How will you be tracking your time / costs against Sales Results for me?
  3. What percentage ot Youtube Video plays will equate to sales?
  4. How many Twitter followers do you have? What kind of Retweet stats do you get?
  5. Can you show me a case study of a successful Social media campaign, and their ROI?
  6. How will you drive pre-qualified targeted traffic to my business site?
  7. How will we be tracking the commercial intent of Social media traffic?
  8. How do you track “Branding” or “User Engagement” efforts in GBP / Euros?
  9. What good is “Branding” or “User Engagement” if there are no sales?
  10. Can I pay you on a sales related basis?

There are many more, but if your potential Social media Consultant can answer all of these questions satisfactorily, then you  may have found that One-in-One hundred gems amongst the woodpile.  If however (as is much more likely) they look at you with a blank expression with any of these questions, this person wants to take your money for setting up a few free profiles and chatting to their few contacts online all day, on your time and money, so steer well clear.

SEO definitely works..

If you can detect some slight skeptism about “Social Media Optimization / marketing consultants in general here, you would be correct in assuming that even though we have some experience, it is not our primary skillset, and indeed because of the difficulties listed above, is not the first thing we recommend for the average small business.

If you are, or have ambitions to become a real brand, then you may need to get involved anyway, but otherwise you should make sure that you have already maximised the SEO and SEM  (ppc) website marketing routes, because SEO Works, (pic right) whereas Social Media is actually for socialising and is always going to be more of a gamble with your cash than the proven channels of SEO and PPC advertising.

If you are still determined Ibiza Social Media is for you or want to know more about any aspect of  website marketing or promotion, social media or not, then give us a call.

Or if you want to connect with one of Ibiza’s very own web & social media gurus, contact Ibiza Social Media through their website (or Twitter @blogibiza )