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by admin on February 23, 2010

We’ve been super busy since late November working on amongst (lots of) other things 2 different site rebuilds with the award-winning UK web development company D3R – this is the first to launch, the other will be along shortly..

The SleepRoom French Beds

superior web design in action

It’s the fabulous online bed shop – – which although the previous version looked great, it was built on the least search-engine (and even maintenance) friendly system imaginable (ZEND?!!) and just wasn’t up to the job.

That’s all about to change.

SEO + Advanced Web Design = Superior Web Design

..have developed their own super-SEO friendly custom-built CMS and e-Commerce system and produce technically innovative and cutting edge but timeless designs which garner nominations and awards they didn’t even know about.

This is not your average web development company, they are seriously talented & innovative hardcore coders, as evidenced by their recent custom-built hotelier booking system for Mr & Mrs Smith. However their sites are so easy to use a beginner can pick it up in just a few hours.  (- can you tell we’re a bit impressed with this lot? : )

So they’ve rebuilt in almost identical style on the surface..  & we’ve been working on the structure, migration & transition and content ready to set it free and watch it fly.

Coming soon to a “beds” type search near you..

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