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Online and On-Site SEO Training Courses

SEO can be very confusing, and the plethora of “free” SEO information readily available on the internet has spawned a million “SEO experts” all ready to espouse the “benefit” of their knowledge on the subject.

And what a complex subject it is, if you choose to make it so.

Unfortunately, as with most things in life, you get what you pay for, and “free” as in “did not cost you anything to learn”, is probably worth about the same as it cost.  Then you have to factor in your wasted time, and lack of results, and you can see it wasn’t such a “bargain” after all.

The real “art” in SEO is being able to filter out the noise and get straight to the crux of the matter, but to do that you need to absolutely understand what is, and what is not important, and this is where many many SEO training courses fall down badly, and will waste your time teaching old, outdated or ineffectual nonsense.

We won’t do that, we will get straight to the heart of your situation, and to “the good stuff” where many will waste our time fiddling with meta keywords and keyword densities, and will not actually even know “the good stuff” to teach.

We can supply SEO training from absolute web beginner through to advanced technical and corporate strategy seminars, as general, or as specific to your circumstances as you need.

We can deliver standard or bespoke  SEO training courses, either online, or at the place of your choice.

SEO training course details


This course is designed for an enthusiastic beginner into SEO and web-land, to give them a solid grounding in effective SEO techniques and procedures from the outset.

  • Onsite SEO Basics- full beginner’s tutorial covering
    • HTML editing and basics
    • FTP usage
    • overview of effective SEO Tools and correct usage
    • introduction to Google’s analytics, Webmaster Tools, webmaster basics and SEO best practices
    • link-building basics tutorial.
    • bespoke questions answered
  • Cost E500


  • One Day SEO Overview Training Course for Webmasters – E300.
  • Further 1/2 day sessions @ E175

Corporate SEO Training – online, at your place, or ours..

  • User / Technical Training
  • Content Creation
  • Blog Consulting
  • Strategic SEO

Bespoke SEO training – tell us what you want..

We are now running residential SEO Training courses in Ibiza all year round.

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