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"Onsite SEO" is a popular term covering the work done to a Client site on the pages and in the coding, as opposed to "Offsite" which refers to linkbuilding activities, social networking, blogging and awareness marketing on the internet.

In the SEO community you will here almost every possibility advanced as a theory at some point, and recently some have been saying: "onsite SEO is dead, links are all that counts now.." ..that type of thing, this is untrue.

What is on your page and how it is structured is still, as always, critical to your site's rankings. It seems there is possibly some truth to the gradual lessening importance of onsite factors with regards to ranking in Google in particular and a continued gradual weighting of offsite factors, links, search personalisation etc, but to say that what's on the page doesnt matter anymore still could not be further from the truth.

As with any good SEO company we take our information from Search Engine results, our client's, ours (and your) competitors, and our own sites. We have several experimental websites with differently structured pages to test various SEO theories and results, and have examples of accordingly different ranking results in the Search Engines.

SEO Ibiza deal with your onsite SEO in the first week or two's activities, involving analysing, adjusting and tweaking content, titles, metas, code and internal linkage structures to make the site as attractive as possible to the engines.

This is the time when we are often busy removing the legacy of previous SEO attempts, metas stuffed full of hundreds of repeated keywords, hidden text, that kind of thing, all kinds of things Google disapproves of strongly, and that will not help you in your quest for Search visability.

For some websites, in particular those written primarily in FLASH this process usually involves creation of an easy-to-read HTML mirror site to accurately reflect the FLASH content that the engines (and disabled viewers) cannot see.

Once your site is approximately correct it is time to turn attention to the "Offsite SEO" Factors for a while and watch the pages' performances, however it is important to understand that Onsite SEO is not a "One-off" process, and ongoing small tweaks and changes will need to be made, in response to the Analytics data, and in response to how your website users are actually using your website as shown by the monitoring and analytics.

There is of course another meaning to Onsite, and that is on your site as in your place of work. We are also able to provide other onsite SEO Services such as Onsite SEO Training Packages should you require, please see our Packages page for more details.

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