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SEO Ibiza work strictly within best-practice guidelines set out by Google, MSN and Yahoo!


Our promise of 100% ethical SEO Techniques is your guarantee that your site will never be penalised or banned by the search engines through our actions.


We never use any "black hat" techniques that Search Engines like Google, MSN or Yahoo! consider to be "spam".


better google rankings


SEO Ibiza specialise in optimising websites for better rankings in Google, believe it or not..

However we do not call ourselves Google Consultants

We could fairly be accused of focusing exclusively on Google because although we do monitor all the major search engines in an SEO Campaign, Google is definitely the most important, and arguably the toughest search engine to optimise a website for

In practice we find that a site that has been well optimised for Google, nearly always performs even better on Yahoo and to some extent MSN / Windows Live, and that by the time a website is performing well in Google, its usually higher still on the others.

rank higher

Optimisation for Google is not impossible, some even say it is relatively simple, it just takes a good understanding of what is, and is not important in search engine optimisation these days. Google want only to present useful, unique and relevant websites to their searchers, in response to the searchers request.

It is simply our job to ensure that when your customers search, your website fits Google's description of what should be shown, and fits well enough that Google rank you highly enough to be seen.

Most of the old SEO "tricks" or techniques are becoming less and less effective, and many are now classed as unethical. Many techniques do not work at all these these days, and some, even though they still do, are not advisable for various reasons.

This leaves us with using SEO web design to build and structure a nice clean website built for your user, but with ensuring optimal internal linking structures, and a strong focus original unique content, effective use of titles, metas, urls and contextual linking on and offsite.

In essence that is all there is to it. In practice it is often a little more complicated :)

We believe this is how websites should be built and promoted anyway, and it just so happens that abiding by the Google Webmaster Guidelines ends up with a website that ranks higher in Google.

Funny that... :)

Our SEO by Design service is designed to get your small business started ranking in Google even before the full release of your site, as we are able to promote your website domain name with a specially seo-designed holding page while the full site is still being developed.

This is useful for Google as there are age and trust factors at play and the sooner a domain is live, the sooner you can expect to start ranking. Waiting until the full site is released can set you back months before you may start ranking highly enough to bring you business.

Contact us today if you want your website to perform better, ie rank higher in Google.