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As with any small business website launch, we were ideally looking to make an impression into our marketplace as quickly as possible. However, somewhat paradoxically we are also very aware that we had potentially picked one** of the toughest marketplaces in the world for a small business website to optimise their way into, and as a brand new website, muscling our way into the Google rankings in the already long established global heavyweight world of SEO could take a very long time.

As it turns out, it's not so bad... ;)

seo demo case study

Our reasoning was that if we can quickly demonstrate effective market penetration ourselves into what one would think should logically be one of the toughest marketplaces in the world** then any prospective new clients should be able to reasonably confident in our abilities to do it for them.

As we had already been working in this field for some time we were in the position of being able to use happy client's sites and testimonials, so all we need to do is get the testimonials seen, demonstrate our knowledge on a brand new site to try to inspire confidence in both customers with existing sites that needed help, and customers having new websites built to contact us if unsure about the SEO status of their project.

So of course, following the standard divide and conquer strategy we firstly targeted our geographical location. There were a couple of well established and decent firms as competition, but none offering dedicated SEO services (only) to Ibiza.

See the full local SEO Case Study for"Search Engine Optimisation Ibiza" here.


Weve mentioned SEO by Design on the page linked in the title above, and will now talk a little about how it worked for our site. These are our design principles and would apply to any SEO web design project, the specifics may vary depending on your marketplace and type of website.

  • Market Research - Market viability, market size, competition, keyword research
  • Brainstorming - Names, ideas, slogans, themes,
  • Domain Name Research - Purchase domain, hosting, email.
  • Content Planning - User Content creation, optimum page and site structure
  • SEO Copy - Writing / rewriting if necessary
  • SEO Optimised - Template site created & modified. Analytics & Google Webmaster Tools installed.
  • Google Indexing - Fast indexing techniques employed as usual.
  • Offsite SEO Techniques - Various.

Using these principles alone our SEO demo website went straight to number one in two local (Ibiza based) SEO searches in just over 3 weeks. This was possible by understanding the keyword strengths of our competitors websites and aiming at a gap in their keyword coverage.

Then, we themed the site as not only our site, but as a real-time SEO demo with live searches to show visitors at any point, how, both we, and a few of our current clients sites (permission given of course) are represented at any given moment on Google, which is arguably the toughest, and definitely the single most important Search Engine for the forseeable future.

There are further updates on the progress in our SEO Demonstration page and in the blog update post here: SEO Demo - the full story, as we attempt to (and do) corner more of our keywords and keyphrases.

** SEO is potentially one of the toughest marketplaces in principle, however given that in any marketplace the best minds will naturally migrate instinctively into the biggest money areas, many of the worlds best SEO minds probably dont even have an SEO website, just vast networks of money spinning sites of one kind or another, and are too busy getting rich to boast about it. Thankfully this, could conceivably makes our task just a little easier.