The website's content needs to be well structured, well written, and unique. It needs to read well to human visitors, and convey the message confidently and effectively. However at the same time, from an SEO viewpoint the content must also be structured with keywords and phrases, optimising each and every page for it's own unique keywords and phrases.

It is also highly desirable to think about the ways that individual page's content will overlap other pages keywords so that your site is strong page by page, and even stronger in crossover and combinations of your page keywords and phases. This is the process of SEO web design

We will be attempting to demonstrate this in action on our site and will be writing up the progress in the blog as we go along as part of the ongoing SEO Demo Case Study

A good writer who understands his own business marketplace and SEO is often able to perform both roles, as it often easier to organise and write good SEO website content from scratch, than to try to rewrite previous content on a poorly ranking website.


If you want to rank better for certain keywords, you have to optimise individual pages for them.

You need to be tailoring the written page content, page structure, coding and linking structures to present as attractive page (and site) to the SEs as you can, for your targeted search terms and phrases. Just repeating the same keywords over and over in a barely legible fashion as some do is not a good idea.

If it is ever a choice between getting another keyword or variation into the text, or it reading much more naturally without, don't do it. If you make it look "spammy" it will likely devalue your site instead of the intended effect.

If you would like help writing effective SEO copy for your website, or would like us to optimise or fine tune your current website content contact us to discuss your requirements.

UPDATE 20.04.09 - Our SEO Content experiments are outlined on the following pages below.

Until today, this page has been part of the control group, on the site but untouched.

These two pages were similarly optimised rich content / light content rankings comparisons, and integrated into the site using only in-page contextual links (not into the site navigation)

Simple SEO - SEO Made Easy - light content

Rank Higher on Google - rich content

These 3 pages were built into the site nav from the start and were also part of some pagerank flow experimentation, again comparing rankings and behaviour from rich content, medium-light content and almost no content, over time.

SEO Power Theories - Rich content

SEO Experiments & Theories - Medium/light content

SEO Engine Room - Virtually No content

Optimizing your content properly is still one of the most powerful tools available to us in SEO these days, but only once all the other on site SEO basics are correct in all the other areas.

Until then your content is not King, it is merely a Prince-in-Waiting