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If a business has to sell a product or service online in today's world it is fundamental to consider SEO at the business CONCEPT design stage. Right at the very, very beginning.

SEO Ibiza are specialists at SEO Web Design. Our Consultants can work with your web design team from inception, to advise and help design you a highly optimised website from the ground up, or we can take over and optimise your site once the web designer has finished it, prior to launch to ensure you get the best possible start in Search Engine World.

SEO is about search, which is about keywords. Domain names, filenames, directory names all play a part in SEO as keywords, before you go ahead and register a domain name, you should have researched your market keywords, your competition's websites, keywords and performances, and you should be buying a custom made keyword laden domain name as a nifty SEO Design kickstart to your business.

If you are launching a small business you need to be sure your website will attract customers and do what it's supposed to. If that is to attract and sell online rather than just showcase a service or product, it is important that the SEO is then considered at the early web design stages also.

There are several different popular web technologies commonly used to build websites with, each with their own SEO possibilities and considerations. CSS / HTML, XHTML, Javascript, PHP, FLASH are all commonly used and each have different strengths and weaknesses with different types and designs of sites.

A good web designer will understand the individuals business drivers and specify appropriate technologies accordingly, and structure the website in such a manner as to lead or funnel viewers through from site entry, to purchase, checkout, enquiry or whatever the site goal was defined as.

If your website has to sell or convert it is important before considering spending money on SEO or SEM to rank your website, that you are sure that on a visitor arriving there, the site has a reasonable chance of effectively converting the visit into a sale, otherwise your SEO or SEM spend is wasted money. Once it is established what is required from the site and how it is to do that, we can decide the SEO strategy and build it into the actual site design.

As well as keyword analysis-aided directory and filenaming, internal linking structures are important, as are page titles, descriptions, headings and content. Incorrect use of technology such as javascript menus or 100% flash designs can in some cases render a website difficult to navigate by search engine spiders and effectively ruin your ruin your chances from the outset.

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