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Our promise of 100% ethical SEO Techniques is your guarantee that your site will never be penalised or banned by the search engines through our actions.

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This page documents the progress of our brand new site (Nov 08) in the charts against our established opposition for the "glory" keywords ** as an SEO Company in Ibiza.

** These are not customer buying keywords as most of our customerbase don't know what SEO is, until it's explained to them, but rather they are just phrases that an SEO company in Ibiza should rank for, because:

  • thats what we do, ie. "SEO in Ibiza"
  • our established competitors also rank for these terms

So using a staged site-launch we initially built a highly targeted mini site, constructed specifically to rank well for our name, "SEO Ibiza" which also just happened to be 2 of our primary keywords :)

Because of the careful keyword gap analysis conducted prior to site construction, even though we had several established sites belonging to web design companies also offering search engine optimisation services, we were able to quickly take the number one position for our name (3 weeks) View Reports

We then quickly opened our keyword targeting out to include our site's theme, SEO Demonstration / SEO Demo and SEO by Design searches.

Some of the local competition then responded with site wording changes which pushed us back below #3 for "SEO in Ibiza" and down to #5 or lower for "Search Engine Optimisation in Ibiza", particularly so in the Spanish index. Counter offensive ensued. :)

However, from the New Years launch of the new v2.0 site (this one) we also targeted all the real business buying terms, ie. small business Ibiza, business services Ibiza, which our competitors were clearly not doing, because immediate domination was easy, and fruitful from the beginning, because analytics showed the volume of searches and enquiries from people finding us on the Small / Business Ibiza and related searches was about twice that of SEO Related searches.

Yet the competition are nowhere to be seen in the charts, hence were not trying for these searches.

small business serps domination in ibiza

We would like to offer this to be considered the initial SEO Demo of correct keyword research, brainstorming, strategic planning and lateral thinking, translating through to very fast sales enquiries via the web for SEOIbiza ;)


So then it was back to the SEO by Design studio once again, and as we already now had a good general presence around SEO / Ibiza /business, we built on that with new highly targeted pages integrated into our current site, (this page) and leveraged the site's already good positioning with the new content.

This page is the one with which we eventually recaptured the increasingly competitive** SEO in Ibiza and Search Engine Optimisation / Optimization in Ibiza Searches.

This is lesson one about search competiveness, it's not how many pages are in the search, its about how many other good sites or SEO's are trying for the top positions. You only need 5 strong competitors, and you're going to take quite a while to get to the top.

So rather than worry about that any more, we did what we always do in a neck and neck race, forget the site youre next to and jousting with, but go after the one in front of us instead :)

So then went on a bit of a trophy keyword hunt, taking SEO demonstration, Superior SEO, all the while mixing the themes up, around a general theme, Business SEO and ultimately SEO. We added in Small Business SEO, then Business SEO (building on the small / business Ibiza strength) and SEO by Design, on the way to SEO Design etc.

Then we really switched our focus to the big terms, SEO Services, and SEO itself, see full CASE STUDY

In the meantime, our added strength and authority around the other SEO terms slowly but surely forced our way through the local competition, and nailed the door shut behind us.

Chronological Updates

Update 10.05.08 - #2 for "Search Engine Optimisation Ibiza" on, and This cross index strength (as with the number one site) is very promising, it usually indicates a measure of dominance over those beneath you hosted in different geo areas who should have a slight advantage on their home turf.

Update 28.05.08 Mission Accomplished - Cross Index #1's on, &

Six months and 10 days from first site launch all our established local SEO Company competitors were comprehensively overtaken, Phase 2 SEO now begins, first Ibiza, then the world :)

. . Read more -->> SEO Demonstration Full Story <<

28.08.08 - 8.5 months - Ibiza Domination - Google Sitelinks awarded for primary keywords & phrase