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Top #10 !! Fleeting Top 10 appearance for "SEO Services " in 11 months from start...

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SEO Ibiza work strictly within best-practice guidelines set out by Google, MSN and Yahoo!

Our promise of 100% ethical SEO Techniques is your guarantee that your site will never be penalised or banned by the search engines through our actions.

We never use any "black hat" techniques that Search Engines like Google, MSN or Yahoo! consider to be "spam".




Welcome to SEO Ibiza. We first launched our new SEO by Design website on 18 Nov 2007 to announce the arrival of our new company providing search engine optimisation in Ibiza and beyond as proof of our ability to design and rank sites quickly. An overview of the case from inception is in the link above.

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We live in Ibiza, and we know and understand business in Ibiza well. We have clients from most business areas and appreciate the unique challenges in starting and effectively promoting Ibiza-based small or medium businesses and Ibiza brands online.

The old internet business model of the large Ibiza info directories dominating the Ibiza searches for everything is fast fading as small businesses realise they can quickly and easily place their own site higher in Google, usually for less money than the annual rent for a page on somebody else's site.

Apart from the companies on our testimonials page, some of our current clients who are happy to serve as reference sites for our brand of SEO in Ibiza are listed below. These Ibiza sites and clients have ongoing optimisation underway, and so are not at their final positioning points yet, please do check back and watch their progress.

References are very kindly available from these clients on request, however we do ask that out of respect you please contact us in the first instance to allow us to notify them and arrange convenient timings.

Deliciously Sorted -

Type: Flash SEO Integration Project - SEO by Design

Primary Phrase - Ibiza + Concierge. - Previous position N / A

Project start April 08. - Try the Google search for Ibiza Concierge


International Villas -

Primary Phrase - Ibiza + Villas - Previous position #28

Type: Onsite Optimisation / Migration / Consultancy

Project start July 08. - Try the Google search for Ibiza Villas


WhateverIbiza -

Primary Phrase - Ibiza + Weddings - Previous position #15 - 25

Type Flash SEO Integration Project - SEO by Design

Project start April 08. - Try the Google search for Ibiza Weddings


Formentera Yoga -

Primary Phrase - Yoga +Ibiza - Previous position #N/A

Type: Onsite Optimization & re-theming work. Ongoing consultancy

Project start March 08. - Try the Google search for Yoga Ibiza

These sites are still works in progress, rankings vary constantly, however 3 out of the 4 are now firmly front page, where they were previously not, ..the last of the 4 (International Villas) is fluctating between first and second page and will soon will be top 5 permanently.

Some of them are now starting to enter their Phase II SEO period, dropping the "Ibiza" from the searches and "going global" ie. competing for **VIP Services**, **Yoga Retreats ** etc.