This is an experimental page, using the SEO Power of the (real) PR / Outbound link ratio.

or... ..."Pagerank through Anchor Text"

It was new in Feb 08, and went to toolbar PR4 in it's first pagerank update, stayed like that for one update, and then went to the greyed out we have now. Some people hypothesise that greyed out pages are supplemental and therefore won't rank, we don't believe that for a minute :)

It is guesswork, but the figures don't really matter, the principle remains, sitewide links into the page, minimal links out, it's still a good amount of pagerank to focus back out of one..

>> "MOTHERLINK" << off the page.

We basically pointed these motherlinks at the target seocontest2008 post on our other blog and watched it leap in the search for the phrase in amongst stiff competition, we removed them and watched them fall etc, but it was all over a year ago so it's irrelevant now. So let's try the same thing now (18.04.09) with the new..

SEO Contest 2009 - Sulumits Retsambew and see if (irrelevant) raw PR through anchor text is as powerful in 2009. We already know the answer to this, it's not.

Google "Relevant" Links are now truly King

If you can combine real Pagerank flow, anchor text, and it's a "Google relevant" link, this is truly Superior SEO, and you may only need one or two of these.

..But how do you "make" relevance? ..Now that's a question we'll soon be answering... ;)