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Our Balearic based expansion continues unabated with our first client in Malta now re-launching their new full site in place of our SEO by Design original version.

We now have a sub division and site SEO Malta set up to specifically cater for the Maltese Islands, offering Pre Optimized Web Design Packages and are confident that our SEO services for Malta & Gozo will put your small business website at the top where it belongs.

Malta is comparable to Ibiza in many ways with mostly laid back inhabitants, beautiful countryside, weather and a thriving economy. Malta has adopted the Euro from 2008 - Cyprus & Malta adopt Euro

Often called the "Pearl of the Mediterranean" Malta has a unique charm of it's own, and with English as the main language, we are confident that there are a great many Maltese Islands residents and expats who have small business websites that could be performing much better.

There are obviously some very good web design studios on the Maltese Islands, however we would advise anyone considering having a website built by any web design companies based in Malta or Gozo to very carefully research the company they choose to build their business website for them, as some companies there have no understanding whatsoever about SEO or it's importance in the modern world.

There is even one company who actually stated recently that they "do not believe in SEO.." :)

Clearly jokers like this actually still exist, although in the competitive world of small business website design and more importantly small business website performance, they obviously don't have much of a future. If anybody would like to know exactly which company this is, so as to avoid them, please do drop us a line and we will be very pleased to save you from an ongoing nightmare that is..

A web "designer" who "doesn't believe in SEO..." <~~ Click link for more.. Hilarious! :)

The warning signs to look for in our opinion would be a web design company whose own website is not in the first few pages for "web design Malta" or "web design Gozo"

Further warning signals would be a company who have their own website built in Flash, and the final clue would be a company who insist on bragging about their coding validating (which should just be a given) and linking to the validation organisation for XHTML & CSS from every page on their sites to prove it so. Validation ultimately isnt important at all in search engine optimisation, but giving away 1/5 of your pagerank from every page to brag about it is the final mark of the clueless.